Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The "surge" .....NOT!

The chart above, when compared to the chart on U.S. Fatalities in the previous post, shows clearly that not only has there been an increase in deaths in 2007 but also the wounded. When you consider the "surge" was to increase to 21,000 troops consider these facts and why the surge really isn't a surge.

First, remember the "Coalition of the Willing" including the Brits brought their troops home = 17,000.
Add to this the number of U.S forces killed in the past 6 months = 530
Add the wounded for the past 6 months = 3047

That equals 20,577 troops out of action. Compare that to the "surge" of 21,000. Seems to me that the data speaks for itself. There really isn't a "surge", it's troop replacement.

UPDATE: May 3rd, 8:00am PST

Latest from Iraq about the al-Maliki government says that they are planning a 2-month vacation while the surge is at its peak. US Congressmen are outraged they would take a vacation while our soldiers are dying to give them a respite to work together to make the necessary political compromises. See Rep. Chris Shays, R-Conn., comment and outrage in this linked news article by clicking here.

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