Friday, April 27, 2007

Terrorist plot against Saudi's- What should be our reaction?

Shocking plot to attack Saudi Arabia seems to be uncovered with the Saudi's arresting 172 people suspected of targeting senior officials and the important Oil fields. If successful the whole world would have been in turmoil, as it would have disrupted the Oil supply to all countries, which includes our friends and our enemies. This report by ABDULLAH SHIHRI, Associated Press Writer a few minutes ago, runs chills through my spine and brings the images of 9/11 back in focus. The world has gone mad as if bitten by a rabid dog and unfortunately there is no injection to prevent the rabies from causing death.

There is a solution to this problem but it is a difficult choice for the U.S. and the world. We in the U.S. must first get the President and VP's attention to engage in an intensive summit searching for an end to the fighting in Iraq and a removal of all U.S. troops form the country. We must also put the Isreali/Palestinean conflict resolution on the table and work towards a 2 State solution, which will help create a peace in the Middle East. This was clearly spelled out in the Iraq Study Group Report. This President and VP have no interest in promoting this course of action. Their Oil interests are well known. Therefore, Articles of Impeachment should be acted upon, as time is running out. The possibility of a world in flames is very real. The sophistication of the Al-Qaeda plot should get everyone concerned and moved to action. Let's fight the real war with the rest of the world and fight Al-Qaeda together. And let's stop world leader's excuses for not helping us, by taking away the impediment and leaving Iraq. It's time for the "i" word: IMPEACHMENT. This would make a statement to the world: The American people are in charge of their country and not held hostage to perilous strategies by an incompetent President and Vice President.

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