Saturday, April 28, 2007

Iraq funding needs to be tied to benchmarks- For the Administration and the Iraqi's

Democrats have made their point about funding the war and tying it to a date for withdrawal of U.S. troops. The President is expected to veto this Bill next week, possibly on Tuesday, the anniversary of Bush's Mission Accomplished moment in flight gear. But after the President vetoes the Bill, Democrats and the President are back to square one. Many have called for this next round of confrontation to be linked to successes and benchmarks for the Iraqi's. I suggest also that they be tied to President Bush and the effort for a diplomatic solution. There needs to be measured progress in meeting with the parties in the region such as Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, as well as efforts to resolve, once and for all, the Israeli/Palestinian issue and push for a 2 State solution. This is something worth pursuing even while benchmarks are difficult to establish. At least there should be a prerequisite that minimally there be monthly meetings with the regional parties with the Goal of a framework for peace in the region. Jim Baker could be appointed as Middle East Special Diplomat in charge of negotiations, as he knows many of the players, is a Republican and has the necessary skills to pull this off.

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