Saturday, May 26, 2007

We need Al Gore NOW! Bush trashes Germany on greenhouse gas cuts

The Bush Administration angers Europe's leaders again, this time by rejecting calls for controlling and cutting greenhouse gases proposed by Germany and endorsed by France, Italy, Britain and now, Japan. This is truly amazing with all the talk that Bush had finally endorsed the idea that Global Warming is real and man-made. He still rejected a new call by our allies to step up to the plate and make at least one good decision before leaving office. This is continuing that perfect streak of bad decisions this President's legacy will eventually show, when historians record the facts and they are entombed in his Presidential Library, hopefully, forever. It will ensure no Bush ever gets elected again. Amen brother!

Want to know why Tony Blair was here last week? It wasn't just a last farewell to the country and visit his "friend", George Bush, now was it? It was to try to change George Bush's mind and stand on the topic. It looks like we need Al Gore to step into the Presidential bid and help us change another bad Bush policy

Read the entire NY Times article today, by clicking here.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

We have to focus on the fact that we're letting the world die and stop focusing on trying to win neo-con victories in the mid-east. Can you imagine the good that could have been accomplished with only a quarter of the resources sent to Iraq?

8:43 AM  

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