Thursday, May 24, 2007

U.S. Fatalities in Iraq: An overview

Above is a chart (double click on it for easier viewing) of all US Fatalities in Iraq and Afghanistan from June 2003 to May month to date, 2007. As you can see the chart is not flat nor heading down but instead is going up significantly. Many say you can't tell on a monthly basis whether things are getting better for our military in Iraq. But I think the data is clear from taking a longer view of 4 years. This is the real "surge" not mentioned by President Bush.

I post this today because the Senate is poised to pass the War Funding bill without any date for ending the hostilities and bringing our troops home. The Bill, if passed, will be funding more of our soldiers dying. As we approach Memorial Day weekend, let's have the courage as a country to make the tough decision to bring the troops home. If it were your son or daughter there, wouldn't you want someone to vote to bring them home?

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