Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Market summary for June 17, 2009

The Market closed mixed today and the change was insignificant in all three Indexes. However, the big news to me today was that the Put to Call ratio closed at 1.13 which is the highest it has been in a long time. As a matter of fact, within the first 1/2 hour, the Put to Call ratio hit a high of 1.41. From the chart above you can see where that would have been, if it closed there. But still, 1.13 is getting up there.

I expect this to go higher before the market closes on Friday as Options are expiring each day. Today, VIX, VXN, RVX Options all have expired. Tomorrow morning settled index options cease trading. And on Friday, Expiring equity, P.M. settled index options and treasury/interest rate option classes cease trading. Expiring cash-settled currency options cease trading at 12:00 p.m. EST. The Quarterly Options Expiration doesn't occur until June 30th.

The volume for the Dow today was still significantly lower than the Moving average, but it was equal to yesterday's. The Nasdaq seems to have equal volume to its moving average. The Nasdaq gained 11 points today, the Dow lost 8 points and the S&P500 lost 2 points. The trend is still down for 2 out of 3 Indexes and the Dow has now fallen back below its 200 day Moving average. The S&P 500 is still above its 200 day MA but it is very close to going back below it again. The Nasdaq still has plenty of room above its 200 day MA.

Volatility was somewhat lighter today as the VIX closed at 31.54 today, down slightly from 32.68, which was yesterday's close.

Data announced in pre-market today was the CPI (Cost of Living Index). Many investors have been discussing perceived inflation concerns. But today, the CPI index came in at +0.1%, hardly inflationary. Yet many worry that eventually the heavy spending by the Treasury and the Fed flooding the market by printing as many dollars as the presses can turn out. I am sure eventually we will need to worry about inflation, but every sign I see is that we are still in a deflationary period. Everyone is dropping prices in hopes to gain more volume and sustain profits. But the Consumer is deaf to these announcements and continue to save cash rather than spend. As long as this continues, this economy is not going to recover anytime soon. You may not believe this but the best way of testing this premise is to ask yourself the question, Am I spending as much now as I did a year ago and am I going to be spending more over the next 6 months? Anyone want to respond, click on the word Comments and add your opinion as to how you are answering this question. Please also leave the name of the State you are living in currently.

Also, please don't forget to take the Mini Poll on how long you think the recession will last. Thanks!

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