Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Put to Call ratio hits SELL signal low.

The Put to Call ratio has just hit a new recent low of 0.37 at 7:00am PST. This is flashing a SELL signal for anyone willing to pay attention to it. The stock markets are so overbought right now that, in my view, you buy stocks at your own peril. The last time I have seen it this low on a close for the day was when the Dot.com Bubble burst. Be alert and flexible. This Bubble is about to burst!

I will post the Put to call ratio during the day as the data is available, as I did yesterday:

7:00am PST 0.37
7:30am PST 0.49
8:00am PST 0.57
8:30am PST 0.60
9:00am PST 0.57
9:30am PST 0.61
10:00am PST 0.62
10:30am PST 0.62
11:00am PST 0.63
11:30am PST 0.64
12:00pm PST 0.65
12:30pm PST
1:00pm PST

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