Thursday, February 10, 2011

Egyptians have won, so it seems. UPDATE

The news out a few minutes ago was that President Mubarak will shortly announce he will be leaving office as soon as Constitutional changes are made to transfer power to the Vice President. The protesters have won. Egypt indeed may have won. We should all allow the joy of independence to guide our comments. It is the people of Egypt who need to decide what type of government they should have, not anyone else. Freedom is a wonderful thing and a right for all people. We shouldn't allow voices from our far right wing of the Republican Party to allow their fear of what is to come in Egypt to diminish the joy of freedom for these people. Many worry that Egypt will become a religious state under religious laws as their guide. It is not something to fear because this protest was all about jobs and being paid fair wages for the people to survive. If these stories of Mubarak leaving come true later today, I for one will be very happy for all Egyptians. Democracy can be messy, but freedom is a driving force of mankind.

UPDATE: 6:45pm

Well Mubarak disappointed everyone, except himself, because he did not quit his position as head of the Country. Demonstrators vow to b ring many more into the streets tomorrow. It has frustrated not only the protestors but also the US government because Leon Panetta had said he was resigning today. So much for U.S. Intelligence.

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