Friday, July 15, 2011

Market comments for July 15th UPDATE

The CPI data came in at -0.2% in June, compared to +0.2% in May. Core CPI came in at +0.3% in June and was up +0.3% in May. This is showing that core prices are really rising as many feared. This economy is sounding more like we are in "stagflation". These CPI Core numbers are in line with what is happening with what has happened to the Core PPI numbers as well. In June Core PPI rose to +0.3% from a May reading of +0.2%.

The Empire State Index came in at -3.76 in July versus in June it was -7.96. Expectations for July were for the number to be 0.0, so this is not a good number and indicates a slowing business climate. That's hard to imagine given the business climate has felt like it has almost stopped the past 3 months. This data is in line with the Inventories data which is also rising and showing that Manufacturing is slowing down even further. This data is feeding into fears a double dip recession is going to occur.

Later this morning, Industrial Production data will be released for June, as well as Capacity Utilization and Michigan Sentiment data for July. Here's what to watch for Industrial Production came in in May at +0.1% and expectations for June are for a +0.3% reading. I expect the number to disappoint. Capacity Utilization came in last month at 76.7% and expectations are for a reading of 77%, indicating more usage of existing capacity. I think this number will disappoint as well and be below 77%. And lastly, Michigan Sentiment in June came in at 71.5, and expectations are for it to be 70.0% reading. I believe this number will be somewhere between 71.5% and 70.0% and will not be off by much, resonating with the general feelings in the country of negativity, partly based upon the politics of the moment on the issue of whether the Congress is going to raise the debt ceiling and also the higher Unemployment numbers this month. The trends are not good and we may be very close to going back officially into a recession.

Bah, humbug! The Futures look positive this morning in advance of this data. The Dow Futures indicated +44 before the CPI data came out and the Empire State Index. Now the Dow Futures indicate a +43 reading, so nothing has really changed with respect to the Futures.

Today is Options Expiration for July so expect high volume today.

UPDATE: 6:55am PST

Industrial Production came in at +0.2%, not +0.3% as expected. But the huge news is that the Michigan Sentiment came in at only 63.8 vs an expectation of 70.0 and a reading last month of 71.5!!! This is a huge disappointment but a realistic data point on how people are really feeling.

Capacity Utilization came in at 76.7%, same as last month and not the 77.0% expected.

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