Saturday, October 01, 2011

Stock market direction? Nothing has really changed!

Since the beginning of August, when the stock market had its big drop based upon the announcement of the Fed that they were going to keep Interest rates low until 2013, nothing much has really changed. We have been in a tight range that does't feel so tight because of the high volatility. One week we are just below 11,000, wondering if we are going to hold support here or go lower and the next we are back up to 11,500 wondering if we can break much above this apparent resistance level. It has been worrisome for most investors but not for day traders. The best day traders are making some money, but the rest of us watch in disbelief.

I have compiled some 1 year charts below to reiterate and reenforce previous posts where I said we are in a tight range but now we are closer to a breakout, one direction or another. I have stated many times I believe this direction is lower, so no sense repeating much more than that.

This week Germany's Lower House of Parliament approved increasing the proposed EFSF (European Financial Stability Facility) expanding the euro-area rescue fund's fire power to stem the region's debt crisis. To read more about this Fund and the politics in Germany over this issue, click here. This seemed to move their stock market higher but as the week progressed you can see in the charts below, it pulled back.

You can see I have drawn red lines showing support levels and Blue lines showing resistance levels. You will also note that since the drop in August we have stayed below the 50 day moving average consistently. This line might be a good indicator to track market direction so that you are not fooled as we many during the Bear Trap so noted on a number of charts by the blue circle covering their mistaken purchases. Use these charts as a reminder of where we are and above all remember the Fed doesn't think we are going to get better until at least 2013!

This coming week on Friday, we will get the Unemployment rate for September. This could move markets. Also on Monday be watching for the ISM Index at 10:am EST or 7:00am PST. Expectations are for a reading of 50.5 and the previous month the number was 50.6. I expect the number to come in at 50.0 or less, given the lack of business activity there was in September. Earnings also will be front and center now for the next 4 weeks. You will be hearing about "beating expectations" by companies. Remember, these predictions were lowered last time so that beating these expectations should not be difficult.

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