Saturday, May 20, 2006

TRUST- Once broken can never be restored as before

I did a study many years ago on the topic of Trust.

There are 3 kinds of Trust.
Assumed Trust which is freely given by an individual,
Earned Trust and
Broken Trust

What I learned, after interviewing hundreds and hundreds of people, was not surprising. Trust that had been earned but then broken, was never ever regained back to previous levels of trust.

Once trust is earned it is a precious gift between people. Sometimes, there is a fragile moment between people when trust is in doubt, because of some unfufilled promise or something another did that rasies a flag with the other. That moment starts to bring into question whether there has been a breach of trust. If the individual experiencing a loss of trust, can question the other party and the questions are respected and dealt with in a serious, honest manner, then the trust can be saved and not broken. But if the questions are brushed off, ignored, dismissed as intrusive, or dealt with in a less than candid, honest way, then the party feeling now harmed, may indeed confirm that view and distant themselves from the other.

So what does this topic have with a political Blog? Trust has been broken with the American people by President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, and the Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales, and this has spilled over now to those heading up all the agencies like Homeland Security, Energy Dept., CIA, FBI, the Pentagon, the NSA, the State Dept., FEMA, the Dept. of Health and Human Services and last but not least this Republican led Congress. Trust has been broken now and that is why the Republican base is rebelling. They know what is in store for them. We have come to the point where we don't believe a thing they are saying, do we? If they had been open and honest in a forthright manner with us from the very beginning, more would have been loyal. But we have been betrayed and, while it has taken 5 plus years, we are all simmering with anger for the betrayal. We know our day to vote is coming and the Silent Majority will be heard once again, this time we will make previous landslides look like like a close race. Remember the reasons why; it's all about TRUST and the lack of it, BROKEN TRUST to be specific.

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