Thursday, July 20, 2006

Democracy in Iraq, the whole Middle East in turmoil- How have we created this mess?

Well the Bush doctrine has a democratically elected Iraq now telling Israel that their incursions into Lebanon and the force used is disproportionate with the capture of the soldiers and wants Israel to stop the aggression. When I watched the President at the G-8 meting, caught by the open microphone, saying things that made me cringe, I realized we have a high school student running our government. I was ashamed. But heck, I didn't vote for him. Hmmm, come to think of it a majority of Americans didn't either. That's what you get when you don't vote. You have no right to complain, but I do.

I thought we could all just wait out for his term to end in 2008 and then we would have a new President and Vice President and the world would not be that much worse in those few years. Well, based upon what is going on in the Middle East, we can still make more of a mess of things there and in the dealing with North Korea. This is the time for all Americans to speak out. Forget it's summer and you are on vacation. Maybe your vacation could have taken you to Lebanon and you would be feeling abandoned by your country, as you're trying to get you and your family out. There are not many places on earth where you will be able to "get away" if things continue as they have. It is time the Silent Majority get involved and be more accountable for the mess this Administration has gotten us into, starting with IRAQ! We must bring the troops home. We have changed the Middle East for the worse with our invasion of Iraq. Saddam Hussein, as much as he was a bad actor, kept Iran in check. With no check on Iran now, we see their tentacles reaching next door in Iraq and far beyond its borders, now entangling Israel in Lebanon, using Hezbollah as its tool.

The Bush Administration has no plans to solve any crisis, but they seem to have the standard plan to create a crisis anywhere they can.

When Katrina happened, people realized that the government couldn’t help and respond in a crisis even when they know that one is coming. My local first responders have told me that I better plan to be on my own for up to 2 weeks in a disaster.

My dear friends don't let our country's leadership off the hook. Make them accountable for this mess. We have lost the moral high ground we once had under previous Presidents from Reagan to Bush 1 to Clinton. Where our leaders and our country had stature and respect. After 911 we had the whole world with us. Since President Bush and Vice President Cheney and the idealogues chose to go to war with Iraq, we did it very much alone without the diplomatic mission and finesse his father had in getting the world to act as one in the first Iraq war. His father was wise and his son didn't learn a thing.

If we must impeach our President and Vice President because of their lack of competency, and because they have broken our laws, including the Geneva Convention and the wire-tapping of Americans without FISA Court approval, then so be it. It will be a quick process, as there is so much evidence of the failure of this Presidency and Vice Presidency.

Start getting involved if you haven't already. Write editorials to your local newspaper. Run for office. Make a comment on one of the national broadcast news stations like CNN. Apply pressure on your local governments to pass an impeachment resolution in your town. And make sure you vote this November to throw the bums out! Change Congress and you start to change the White House. If you don't, 2 years from now, you may not be able to vote, as your country must respond to a world catastrophe and voting rights have been suspended "temporarily"!


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