Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Presidential Signing statements and the ABA

The American Bar Association has issued a statement again on the defiance of this President to keep his sworn oath to uphold and defend the Constitution.

The ABA opposes the issuance on Presidential signing statements that claim the authority or state the intention to disregard or decline to enforce all or part of the law the President has signed, or to interpret such a law in a manner inconsistent with the clear intent of Congress. The ABA, a Conservative organization, reasonably urged Congress to "enact legislation enabling the President, Congress, or other entities or individuals, to seek judicial review, to the extent constitutionally permitted, in any instance in which the President claims the authority, or states the intention, to disregard or decline to enforce all or part of a law he has signed or interprets such a law in a manner inconsistent with the clear intention of Congress."

In the history of our country from our first President, Thomas Jefferson, there have been 600 signing statements; most of which did not object to the law being signed and many were in support of the law. However since President Bush there have been 800 additional signing statements with most in disagreement of the law he has signed and many spelling out the sections he would not follow or enforce. This is a violation of the law and the Constitution and, in my humble opinion, enough grounds for impeachment of this President.

However, with duplicity from the Attorney General, the Republican controlled Congress and a neutered Congress, nothing will be done. This is why the elections in November are so important. It is the only chance the American people have of changing the Congress and switching control from the Republicans and their lack of oversight of this President, to the Democratic Party. It is more important than the Presidential election in 2008. If you truly care about your country, the Constitution and rule of law get involved now and work hard to elect enough Democrats to change the balance of power and the majority party in Congress and the Senate. This is not a partisan issue. This is about getting back the country so that it is truly a country of the people by the people and for the people!


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