Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lieberman vs Lamont- What's the message?

The Lieberman/Lamont race in CT is being looked at for guidance to making a national political statement.

If Lieberman wins, what is the message? If Lamont wins, what is the message? Please comment below.

This is truly the only real election happening this year as so much is riding on the outcome for many.

UPDATE: Aug. 9, 2006

Lieberman lost by a few percentage points. Most commentators believe he lost for two reasons, the first being his position of support of the war in Iraq and the Bush Admininistration. The other reason he lost they say was because he had lost touch with voters.

Well isn't that interesting. I thought being out of touch with voters was normal for all politicians, as they don't listen to voters anyway. Sounds like Lieberman will fit back in the Senate as an Independent just fine. Come to think of it, both Democrats and Republicans should change their Party too, to being called Independent because none of them listen to voters!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That all depends on who does the analysis, but I'll venture one thing everyone can agree on:

A Lamont win is good for the "netroots" and a disaster for the "establishment".

2:18 PM  

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