Thursday, November 23, 2006

Republicans- Coming out from the shadows of defeat

Republicans have a chance to reinvent the Party, after the stunning defeat in mid-term elections. What America needs is two or more political parties which address the real concerns of all Americans. We need a Republican Party which is truly fiscally responsible but socially conscious to our needs. We can have differences but let them be well articulated by those we respect from both sides. Moral questions need not divide. The focus can be on the debate rather than demonizing those that advocate different views. From any point of view we need to understand how our choices affect others. It should be a part of every debate that those advocating a position articulate where and how their policy positions could impact others negatively. They could offer remedies for any impact their policies might have on others, as a part of the solution they propose. It would show understanding of the issues and weighing the consequences for all to decide. It is time the two political Parties educate the voters and start looking for the best solutions for most Americans while protecting the rights of the few.

We need to elevate the discourse. And the media should help by truly being critics and asking the tough questions but going for real answers, not spin. The media is a part of the problem and they need to be a part of the solution. There is hope but it will take all of us to really be solution-minded instead of focusing on thinking "we're right" and "they're wrong". We need to value the debate and not necessarily the specific outcome. If we have good debates we might make better choices. I see some of that emerging in the media. You know I watch Chris Matthews HARDBALL most every day. Chris does work at having a good debate. He can and does disagree with his guests and more importantly looks for answers to questions we all are thinking. When he is successful we all win. It is time we demand a change and participate in ways that unite, not divide Americans.


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