Thursday, November 23, 2006

Blame the Generals for Iraq too!

Yesterday, on Chris Matthews "Hardball", retired Major General Batiste was the guest. Chris listened patiently to the retired General try to articulate to the audience why we needed to stay in Iraq. Chris asked who we were fighting there? Batiste's answer was, "It doesn't matter as we are in a protracted war against jihadists. Chris pushes again, "But General who are the guys we need our guys to kill? Is it Al Qaeda? They are only 5% or less of the problem. Is it the Shiite's? Is it the Sunni's?" Batiste answers again, "They all look alike to our troops, it makes no difference!" Chris says, But General, they are fighting a Civil War. Do you want our troops to be fighting in a Civil war? What side should we be on? Who should we be fighting?

You can see that the General really didn't have any good answers except to keep fighting and we will need to for decades! Boy am I glad he is retired. This guy has no clue about what he is saying and the implications and yet he led our troops in Iraq. As I have stated many times here before, don't blame the troops for not being successful, blame the Generals and this one particularly!

See the video yourself and get the complete interview by clicking on the section titled Video: What's next for Iraq?


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