Monday, December 04, 2006

Bush accepts Bolton's resignation effective January

Today, President Bush announced he is accepting the resignation of John Bolton as U.N. Ambassador. Finally a decision Bush has made that was the right decision. Maybe he is listening after all. There were reports he was considering to use loopholes in the law to keep Bolton on, but many, including Senator Joe Biden, counseled against the move to bypass the law.

I will give credit when credit is due and this President has taken a small step towards bipartisanship. I had written a post in May 2005 asking, "Is this the man you want to be U.S. Ambassador to the UN?" It has taken this long for this battle to go away. At least while Mr. Bolton was at the U.N., he didn't embarrass us as a nation, and actually, from a historical point of view, may be seen to have done a good job. Thanks for submitting your resignation Mr. Bolton and thank you Mr. President for accepting, it in the spirit of bipartisanship


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