Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Gates testimony yields some hope for bipartisanship

I listened to about 3 hours of testimony today by Dr. Gates, identified by President Bush as Donald Rumsfeld's replacement for Secretary of Defense. I must admit the answers showed candor and a freshness I hadn't heard come out of Washington in along time. Answers to questions such as, "I don't know Senator, but I promise to do all I can to get up to speed on that if I am confirmed", and, "Yes Senator, I would hope that we can approach the Defense of our country in a bipartisan manner and I am certainly going to do all I can to make that happen."

In answer to specific questions on whether as Defense Secretary Gates will turn over requested to Congress he said, "Senator, if it is within my authority I will!"

There were other comments by Dr. Gates which suggest to me he will offer the President his views and not slant them to what the President wants to hear. He was asked about independent Intelligence groups such as the one headed by Doug Fiffe, Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, and Dr. Gates responded that he didn't like much any Intelligence group outside of those empowered with the responsibility for Intelligence for the country. This is also good news as the Defense Dept. had a group do just that under Rumsfeld so they could shape Intelligence to fit what the president wanted.

There is a distinctly new breeze blowing in Washington DC and our Government offices and hallways and it is not just a change in season towards winter. It is the effect of the result of the mid-term election and waht it means to the average American. maybe they are listening this time. Time will tell but I am a little more optimistic today.


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