Saturday, January 13, 2007

Bush's experience taught him only one thing- How to be a failure and disappointment!

The only thing this President seems to have learned from his past is how to create bankruptcy conditions.

1) He bankrupt his Oil company. From the lessons learned he started in his Presidency to create the same for the Nation by the following:

2) His is bankrupting our Country with debt
3) He has bankrupt our Military - both equipment wise and manpower strength
4) He has bankrupt our Freedoms with such actions as eavesdropping on phone conversations of any American without FISA Court approval, signing statements which defy laws he has signed into law and other Unconstitutional acts.
5) He has bankrupt our Trust in oversight with a Republican led Congress that turned their head away at his choices, while they held their noses from the stench.
6) He has bankrupt our Trust in a fair Judicial system, by appointing Justices that will approve of his antics and rewrite history as far as settled law.
7) He has bankrupt the Vision for millions of people around the world who thought of the USA as a place of Hope and replaced that Vision as a country of arrogance and spite for our friends as well as our enemies.
8) He has bankrupt the use of Diplomacy, as no country believes him nor trusts him anymore. We are mostly alone in the world now. Colin Powell's speech will go down in history as how the US distorted truth for the self interest of a few of its leaders; the President and the Vice President.
9) He has bankrupt our willingness to be eager for the words of our President, when he gives a speech or an address, to the Nation. We are weary of his lies and twisted truth to us.
10) He has bankrupt and shattered the idea of our President being a Statesman because of his intellect and pursuit of noble causes to help the poor of the world and in stopping wars and promoting peace in the world.

Need I go on! Shame, shame, shame Mr. President. We need a “Tough Love” intervention called IMPEACHMENT.

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Anonymous mapoet said...

The only thing ...resident Bush-league has gotten right is how to get it wrong! WE USED TO "hold these truths as self-evident." If only "WE THE PEOPLE" had the prescience to pay attention to these wrongs as they were occuring, then we would have known that we should have taken virtually everything this subverter of justice has proposed, and turnrd it around exactly backwards to arrive at those precious truths...And with regard to his forthcoming presidential library...I would advise waiting until his "Grammer 101" lessons sink in...and,truth be told, [very ironically]I think Bush actually has a better command of English than it would seem. It's only when he nervously-knows he is lying to the American people that his grammer betrays him. Observe him with that in mind, and see if you "hold this particular truth to be self-evident.

10:34 AM  

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