Thursday, March 08, 2007

Calls for impeachment from small towns across Vermont

It was Town Hall meeting day in Vermont on a cold day in the Northeast, but true Vermonters and others, who like to think they are Vermonters (first and second generation people who either moved there or were born there), packed small Town Hall meetings all over the State. Democracy was at work in one of the country's oldest States. When all was said and done, 29 towns approved calls for impeachment investigations of President Bush.

I lived and worked in Vermont for 18 years coming from Boston. What I learned over the course of those 18 years was how proud Vermonters were of their Town Hall meetings and their right to exercise their democratic freedom to weigh in on issues both local and national in scope. Famed Russian dissident and author, Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, Nobel Prize recipient in 1970, lived in a small town in Vermont when he was forced to leave Russia. He too enjoyed seeing democracy in action in Vermont and had made public comments to that effect, as he had been kicked out of Russia and moved to Vermont in 1976 for his attacks on the Soviet system. Democracy is still alive in small towns all over Vermont. I am proud to just have lived there.

To read more on Vermont's town meetings from March 6th, click here.

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