Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Iraq democracy Bush/Cheney style.

Here's the latest from the UN as to conditions in Iraq since the surge. According to reports, "the U.N. released a new human rights report Wednesday saying that sectarian violence continued to claim the lives of a large number of Iraqi civilians in Sunni Arab and Shiite neighborhoods of Iraq's capital, despite the coalition's new Baghdad security plan. Begun Feb. 14, it has increased U.S. and Iraqi troops levels in the capital." and this, "The U.N. Assistance Mission for Iraq report said civilian casualties in the daily violence between Jan. 1 and March 31 remained high, concentrated in and around Baghdad.

And finally this, "The Iraqi government withheld recent casualty figures from the United Nations, fearing they would be used to present a grim picture of Iraq that would undermine the coalition's security efforts, U.N. officials said Wednesday."

This all seems to me that the Iraqi Gov't has learned about democracy Bush/Cheney style; where no truthful information is presented to the public ever, as it might look bad to the public.

To read the entire report by Thomas Wagner, AP Writer, click here.. It is shown on Yahoo News.

Still think the "surge" is working?

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