Saturday, April 07, 2007

U.S. Fatalities for the first week in April

U.S. Military fatalities for the first week in April totaled 28. On a Monthly basis this would equate to about 112. Compared to the previous month, March had 24 fatalities, as I reported in my post titled, "U.S. Fatalities for the 1st week in March 2007".

U.S. Fatalities
For the entire month of April 2005 a total of 52

For the entire month of April 2006 a total of 76

Projected from data for the first week we are on our way to 112 for the month of April, 2007.

Let's see how good your math is. For the same month, If we had 52 in 2005, 76 in 2006 and are on our way for 112 for 2007, does this show that things are getting better or worse? If you guessed worse you are correct. President Bush, VP Cheney and now Senator John McCain and Senator Joe Lieberman think things are getting better. They must have done poorly in Math too, as we knew and have been reminded quite often that Bush has no command of English either. Someone investigate what is being taught at Yale please. Maybe that is why Bush pushed “No child left behind”, as he would have been left behind, if they had standards and exams for professors and teachers when Bush was getting his education. Check into his Elementary school too, which was Sam Houston Elementary School in Midland, Texas. as maybe they didn't have standards for teachers there either. Something has to explain his poor use of the English language. He must have done poorly in Civics as well or wouldn't have trashed the Constitution so easily and so often.

Oh, and we had 7 U.S. Contractors killed in Afghanistan which are not counted nor kept track of by the media and Department of Defense. This compares to only 2 in March and 1 in February of this year. Still think things are getting better. Let's stop this useless war, which was started on lies and reasons no longer valid, otherwise blood will be on your hands too for not speaking out to stop the war! Saddam has been removed from power and is dead but apparently Osama Bin Laden lives. Go figure.

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