Saturday, May 12, 2007

How Democrats and Republicans can win the Iraq war funding battle

It doesn't take a genius to figure out how the Democrats and Republicans can actually win this battle with President Bush's veto threat all the time. The problem is they don't think like Karl Rove. But if they did here's how they would make it a "slam dunk".

They stand accused by the President of not supporting the troops. Their claims, that they are supporting the troops, seems not to be getting the necessary traction. Many Republicans are worried still supporting the President and so they side with the President and ensure a veto will be sustained. However here's a strategy that is a guaranteed success. First, the Democrats need to craft a Bill, which includes the following:

1) Funding of the troops with a timetable for withdrawal and
2) Includes the language and money necessary to reinstitute the DRAFT.

One could make a very good argument that what the troops need now are
re-enforcements and use the President’s own “surge” strategy as proof. They could use the General’s own comments in support of the need for more troops and the fact that the military is either broken or close to it.

If the President vetoes the Bill, he is denying needed re-enforcements AND the money to support the troops. If he signs it, he and the Republicans will get some heat from their constituents, but by signing the Bill, he has also agreed to a timetabe for withdrawal. He can blame the Democrats for instituting a Draft but he can no longer say they aren’t supporting the troops. Republicans win because they too want to increase the size of the military and that supports the troops. Besides we need to consider the fact that Congress has already approved increases in the Army and Marines but they are not finding volunteers to fill the ranks. If we have a Draft with a lottery system, many will vote to end the war and not be so quick to go to war again.

This strategic choice would quiet all voices that the Democrats are wimps and won’t protect the nation. There is no downside here.

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