Thursday, February 17, 2011

Demonstrations in Wisconsin

We are now watching demonstrations in Madison, Wisconsin because the Gov. there wants to disband the Government Employees Unions right to collective bargaining. People are getting angry everywhere it seems and this battle is between the wealthiest interests and that of the Middle and not so Middle Class. It's tough to watch as this has been one result of the divided politics of the past 2 years. People don't seem to be able to reason with each other any more. It doesn't matter which side you are on either. Most elected officials seem to be doing it.

Egyptians are still protesting somewhat and now other countries are joining them. Now it's Bahrain, Libya, Yemen and the continuing fight for a voice in Iran. It seems that when a hard hand is used to quell the demonstrations, they are successful for the moment in breaking up the demonstrations, but it is sowing the seeds of violence from these peaceful demonstrators and it will end with many lives lost. It doesn't matter whose lives as all are precious. We are regressing as a civilized society and chaos seems to be inevitable.

It's a sad day for many today. Appreciate the freedom you do have but guard it well as it could easily be gone.

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Blogger Vic Cebollero said...

The reserve fiat banking system is bound to fail. I'm not against the New World order as long as we retain our Bill of Rights. Things look bleak but we must remain positive and not allow fear to consume us. "The only thing we need fear, is fear itself", and the only antidote to fear is divine love which we all can flow out to each other and the world. "Restore the republic".

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