Thursday, August 10, 2006

Evaluating the Bush Administration on Homeland Security

If there is anything we can be grateful for, with the current High Alert because of a plot to blow up airplanes in flight between the UK and the USA, it is this, finally the Dept. of Homeland Security has had to wake up and improve security at the airports. This shows that Al Qaeda is looking at our vulnerabilities and starting to exploit them.

So when do you think we will start to secure our borders and screen cargo at our ports? If you look at what is going on here, the Dept. of Homeland Security is always in a REACTIVE mode versus a PROACTIVE mode. Al Qaeda is definitely always PROACTIVE. This is all brought to us by an Administration who flaunts to us that they are the ones protecting us. I don't need this type of protection and neither do you. We need a PROACTIVE Dept. of Homeland Security that is competent. Maybe we should ask the British to help us? They seem to be doing a very good job. Congrats Brits!

Do you think this will prompt any action on Border Security? Do you think the rules of engagement for the National Guard will change so that they help stop illegal aliens border crossings by using force instead of doing paper work for Border Patrol support? I don't think so! Do you think we are safer today because we went to war with Iraq? I don't think so! Do you think the Republican Congress is working to enact legislation to make us safer? I don't think so! Do you think the Democrats are working on building alliances with some Republicans to do the job? I don't think so! What I do think is something I learned working with first responders when I became a Certified Emergency Responsiveness Team member. Plan to be on your own as there is no help going to come in a major disaster for probably 10 days. Yes folks, we are on our own all the time and it is an illusion our government is truly protecting us. It is time for a change in this country and you have a chance this November election period and again in 2008. If there were ever a time where your vote mattered it will be this year. Wake up, register to vote and vote for change instead of "staying the course!"


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