Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hassan Nasrallah- a Clergy? No way!

So these are the words from a clergy, who just happens to be the head of Hezbollah:

"We will transfer our land into graveyards for Israeli troops!"

He is not in the image of any Clergy I know, but this, so called, Clergy, who uses hatred of others as a motivating force for his political (and I claim not spiritual) purposes is NOT a clergy and should not be referred as such. He is a terrorist. I so don't understand this level of hatred for people. What ever happened to the principle of turning the other cheek. Even an Eye for an Eye principle, which appears to be the prevailing method, by now, should have left all of the Middle East as Blind people wandering in the Desert. The fact that someday he will be happy he is dying is unimaginable. But they say he will. I wish we could help him along.

UPDATE: Aug 28th, 2006

Well it has been weeks since the war and it is clear now that Nasrallah is now confirmed definitely as a loser! Reading the piece by David Schraub today and his interview with Tom Friedman of the NY Times (see here) Hezbollah lost big time with the Lebanese people and the rest of the world.


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