Sunday, August 13, 2006

The high price of silence that could be paid by Muslims in Europe & America

As a country, we are very reactive in implementing defensive measures to prevent attacks from terrorists. We are doing it again now in stopping carry on liquids on airplanes, as a result of the attempted plot to blow up 9-10 airplanes flying out of Heathrow Airport in London. If we want to have a more Proactive defense system, we are going to eventually have to use practices that will offend many but may prevent attacks and that is to use ethnic/racial profiling to screen passengers on airlines. We may also need to do this in the area of employment practices to determine what employees are allowed to work in sensitive areas of Chemical, Biological and Nuclear related professions as well as vital Transportation areas such as Airlines, our Ports. rail systems and Amtrak.

It happened after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, with the incarceration of Japanese American citizens in Internment camps all across California. It is the inevitable reaction to fear and the feeling of the powerlessness of humans as they react to situations they feel they are losing control over. I am sorry to say, there is only one way to eventually avoid this. The solution was revealed in Britain, although not much has been made of it. But a Muslim in the neighborhood of these terrorists notified authorities of a suspicious acting group of individuals. This over a year ago, turned authorities attention to investigate and infiltrate the group.

The only way this fear reaction is going to be prevented is if moderate Muslims realize their future is at risk with ours and that the only hope we have of ensuring our freedoms as a society are intack is to cooperate in rooting out the bad guys. This position, to take back Islam from the radical Fundamentalists, has been advocated by Dr. Wafu Sultan. Let's hope many listen to her message as the future is bleak. I do not want this to happen to the Muslim community in America and the EU. Islamic people of conscience must wake up, show courage by speaking out and seizing back control of their religion, clerics, education of their children and their religious shrines before it is too late. If not, human reactions are both predictable and inevitable.


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