Thursday, August 10, 2006

The politics of terrorism

Why Bush's arguments on Iraq and terrorism are meant to confuse!

The politicing of terrorism has begun by none other than President Bush, VP Cheney, and Karl Rove. This comes from the fallout of Ned Lamont winning the Democratic primary over Joe Lieberman in CT, and the uncovered terrorist plot which was foiled by a British government that hasn't taken its eye of the Al Qaeda threat. It has emboldened the Bush team to frame the debate to scare everyone into voting Republican again in the November 2006 elections.

Ask yourself the basic question: If fighting the war in Iraq is suppose to make us safer ultimately, because of the argument "we are fighting them there so we don't have to fight them here", how come all these terrorists were connected to Pakistan and bear the signature of Al Qaeda, not the Sunnis nor Shiites from Iraq?

Here's another question: If we kept our eye on Al Qaeda all along instead of diverting attention to Iraq, captured Osama Bin Laden and his #2 man, would Iran be flexing its muscle in Lebanon, Iraq and the U.N., with Saddam still in power but in check from the U.N. Inspectors and a united U.N.?

So the purpose of their arguments are to confuse voters and raise fear to keep their Republican control of Congress and the Senate and continue the "stay the course" strategy indefinitely. This is to be done not by sound reasoning but the reasoning of the other guys (Democrats) aren't tough enough. Don't be fooled by the political shenanigans of the Bush/Cheney Karl Rove team. Use your common sense and not fear to decide what we should do and speak out!

UPDATE: Aug. 13, 2006

It is now known that the Bush Administration pushed the Brits to arrest the plotters at least a week earlier than the Brits wanted to move forward. The Brits had claimed that a number of the suspects had not yet purchased tickets, did not have passports and had not purchased the bomb making materials. In my opinion, the nervousness of the Bush Administration may have caused the premature arrests of these suspects and that might jeopardize the legal proceedings against them causing charges to be dismissed on some to plan more attacks when they are released. With all the blustering by Bush over the past 5 years for us to trust him, you would think he wouldn't be so nervous and let the Brits do their proper job here. Maybe he isn't as fearless as we think. In any event I believe we made a huge blunder in this investigation by intruding and insisting the Brits move to arrest the suspects. Yes we helped by intercepting the calls from Pakistan but we may have acted prematurely.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sick of hearing about terrorism. Bush, Cheney, Rove, and the rest of these incompentant neocons want to sell the policy of fear to this fearful nation. They can do that pretty well. 1405 Texans were murdered in 2005 by domestic terrorist and 99% of Texans don't even realize it.Thats more than the number of troops killed in Iraq in the same time period. 50 million americans don't have medical insurance, rapes, robberys, alcohol related deaths happen each minute here in the USA yet we want to focus our resources on inventing a new bogeyman. Fear,fear,fear.....BOO. Some sandle wearing liberal said something like 'remove the log from your eye before going after the slivers in others'..and fear no man who can only take your life, turn the other cheek,what a kook. Sure glad we ignore that nonsense! Let me get back to CNN lest I miss some more killing!

6:05 PM  
Blogger Benajmin said...

Okay, I agree. The Bush Administration utilizes the current situations that come up in regards to terrorism, in order to conveniently suit his political agendas. There's really no justification for going into Iraq, and basically 2,500 soldiers have died fighting a war, which could have been more productively focused on completely shutting down the Terrorism Ordinances in Pakistan, & Afganistan. Yes, I do believe our failures in Iraq, and misguided responses to this epidemic, has fueled other ambitions against us. Our occupation should have exemplified a foot on the necks of Terrorists, and not the overthrowing of a regime, under the guise of ridding Saddam Hussein of some alleged Weapons of Mass Destruction.

7:04 AM  

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