Monday, August 21, 2006

Open letter to President Bush- Moral equivalency?

Square your position on refusing to use Federal money to fund Stem Cell research, Mr. President, because you see it as a moral issue regarding the sanctity of life of these embryos. The facts are that you choose war over peace at every turn in your decision making with little regard to risking the lives of our brave young men and women of the Armed Forces. You chose to go to war in Iraq rather than allowing U.N. weapons inspectors to finish their job. You chose to go to war without truly building a world coalition, as your father did in the first Gulf War. You chose to not get engaged in the Palestinian/Israeli conflict over the past 6 years of your presidency, even though many wanted peace there. You chose to wait for almost a week when the Lebanon/Israeli conflict first started to give Israel enough time to pursue Hezbollah and inflict much anticipated damage on them. When you realized that Israel was having great difficulty in doing this, you sent Dr. Rice to start discussions with the French to resolve the problem through diplomacy at the U.N. And you have warned Iran that you will not stand by and allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons. This carries the implication by the U.S. of the use of military force to prevent them from acquiring any nuclear weapons.

It appears to many, Mr. President, that you lack integrity on your stand on these competing issues. Please square these positions with us and, yes, you may check with your alter Egos, Karl Rove and VP Dick Cheney for their spin on things. Oh, and one last thing, Mr. President, regarding the sanctity of life, why is it that one year after hurricane Katrina, most people are still scattered across 26 states, there still is no plan to rebuild New Orleans and those that are in New Orleans still have not received the help they need from your government? You can't blame Brownie on this one can you but you would sure like to! This will get much media coverage and focus in the coming 2 weeks, so be prepared and start rehearsing your responses with Karl. Only 78 days left before the November elections for Congress and the Senate and we can throw the bums out.


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