Monday, August 14, 2006

Terrorism and the Republican scare machine

The full court press is on, to use a basketball metaphor. Every official of the Bush Administration is using fear to whip us all up into being scared about terrorism and to take our eye off the "Inconvenient Truth", to use an Al Gore movie title. And what is that "Inconvenient Truth"? It is that President Bush and the entire Administration have failed us in every possible way, but especially Iraq. The only connection to the war on terror is that this Administration created an infinite supply of terrorists and has helped make us all more vulnerable. As you watch the news, don't be distracted into being scared. Instead get mad at the Republicans you see trotted out to sell the party line of this Administration. Remember they created most of this hatred by the invasion of Iraq and they have lost their way in capturing Osama Bin Laden.

Stay grounded and remember there is only 85 days left until we can throw the bums out!


Blogger QUASAR9 said...

Yep, you've got it cold.
They've tried to fool everyone into they are doing the greatest service to humanity - yet what they have done is drag war into the 21st Century, when it should have been left behind in the last Century, nay last Millennium.

And all for what, so that Texaco Oil can pump oil in Iraq, so that re-construction contracts go to the classmates of Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld & Paul Malkovic.

Paul a tad disappointed, he thought he was actually gonna get away with nominating himself governor of Iraq. These guys spend too much time playing that board game called Risk, but still have the balls to try their boardroom games on the world stage.

Wake up America, get real.
The incasion of Iraq or Gulf War II was a massive hollywood flop. The only good shot that missile (with a videocam on its nose) hitting the bridge in Baghdad, and the quote from Rumsfeld "There goes the luckies man in Iraq" referrring to the driver of the truck who just made it across the bridge before the missile struck.

Gulf War II (the sequel) was as much rape & pillage of Iraq, as Saddam's invasion of kuwait was before Gulf War I.

Except it is not a movie, 100,000s killed and made homeless, and $billions in wanton destruction. The reconstruction of Iraq and the puppet regime set up bu the US has indebted impoverished and enslaved a whole generation of Iraqis to the US. Yes they'll make progress but not half as much progress as oif there had been no war.

Gulf War I almost bankrupted Saudi, and they have a much smaller population and larger GNP.

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