Thursday, November 16, 2006

Iraq: The only real Option

I was challenged yesterday by a client and friend. He said that I have written a lot about Iraq but haven't given any solution to the problem. So here, in clear language, I rise to the challenge and will give a clearer statement of what I believe we should do now.


As I have stated in my recent post on the Baker Commission, there can be no solution until both Shiites and Sunnis have leaders who have the support of their people to negotiate a settlement to this Civil War. Yes, I said Civil War. When the good guys and bad guys are indistinguishable in Iraq, it's time to get our good guys and bring them all home.

I have heard in past few days that Sen. McCain and others are calling for more troops being added. I have written why this will not be done. We would have to institute a DRAFT and no one has the guts to do that, Republican or Democrat, President Bush, VP Cheney, Dr. Rice, Stephen Hadley or Donald Rumsfeld.

For those who say things will get worse in Iraq, they are correct. But this is how true leaders emerge. Someone decides enough is enough and puts their life on the line for their beliefs and their country. Right now we have neither in any leadership in Iraq. It should have been obvious to everyone 3 years ago that if the "freely elected government of Iraq" must live and exist in a protected Green Zone indefinitely; this is not really a free government. We are their codependents, and I know you know codependent relationships are dysfunctional. There I said it. An intervention is needed.

Call it "tough love" if you like. But we must stop enabling cowardice and truly allow freedom a chance. We may not like the outcome but I still believe in survival of the fittest. And only those fit to govern Iraq deserve to have the job. You can say what you like, but Saddam ruled Iraq and there was no question about that. And yes, we may get someone worse to rule than even Saddam, but let's remember who is to blame for that. According to the well respected Colin Powell, if you break it you own it. So blame Mr. Bush and ensure that legacy is part of his Presidential Library records. Yes, it is President Bush and VP Cheney who are the ones to blame and no one else. So let it be written, so let it be done.

I hope it is now clear where I stand.

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