Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Best Centrist Blog Award given to The Moderate Voice

Congratulations to The Moderate Voice for receiving nominations for Blog Awards "Best Centrist Blog" for 2006. You will notice I have a link to them under my mini poll to the right. Their site is well worth the visit. I like the content and the number of daily postings they can amass. Congrats to Joe Gandelman and all the guest writers, and I add congrats to Jeremy Dibbell of Charging Rhino. It's my favorite site to visit daily.


Blogger David Schraub said...

Technically, we haven't won yet, we're just a finalist. But still, thanks a bunch, and wish us luck in the final balloting!

8:21 AM  
Blogger David Schraub said...

Oh, and not to pick, but your link to my site on your blog roll links to one specific post ("These and These"), not to the blog mainpage. Just thought you'd want to know

8:22 AM  

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