Thursday, March 08, 2007

U.S. Fatalities for the 1st week in March 2007

March 2007 fatalities are running well ahead of previous years and continue to depict an increase in the escalation of the war in Iraq and its unimaginable consequences on the families of our soldiers. Here's the most recent data as of this morning and comparison to previous years:

U.S. Fatalities
For the entire month of March 2005 a total of 35

For the entire month of March 2006 a total of 31

Through only March 7th, 2007 a total of 24

Three more painful weeks to go yet in this month and additional troops added to the effort. News reports today announced that the Pentagon wants to add an additional 7,000 troops above the "surge" in support of forces on the ground, according to an article by Robin Stringer of Bloomberg today.

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Anonymous mikes said...

Thanks for stoping by my website and posting a comment! I wanted to vote in your poll. But I didn't really see anyone I truly believe is going to make s true difference. McCain isn't the same guy he was in 2000. He seems to be going after and telling every single constituent exactly what they want to hear. Obama as charismatic and well spoken he is. I don't think hewill be able to rally enough of both parties behind him to get things done.

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