Saturday, November 12, 2011

Stock market: Where are we going?

I thought it would be worthwhile to look at this past week and see where we ended up. In my last Blog post, I cited the fact that the 200 day Moving averages appeared to be a significant resistance level for all major indexes. This week proved that point again as we ended the week with only the Dow above the 200 day MA. The S&P 500, the Nasdaq and the Russell 2000 all are still below their 200 day Moving averages. Until we can climb above these indexes we are stuck from going higher.

The Put to call ratio closed the week at 0.93, not exactly a buy signal. The sovereign debt issues in Greece and in Italy took center stage in the early part of the week. Then the resignation of Greece's Prime Minister and the signal that Berlusconi of Italy may resign next. ALL THESE MOVES CLOUD THE FACT THAT THE DEBT ISSUES AND AUSTERITY MEASURES NEEDED TO RESOLVE THEM HAVE YET TO BE IMPLEMENTED. Stay tuned as the volatility will continue for the next 6 months. Even if austerity measures are passed by the governments, the people will be heard on these matters in ways that will frighten many. The people have only begun to make their objections known to the world and their leaders. In true democracies, leaders can be voted out or feel enough pressure to resign. This crisis is just in its infancy.

Don't forget that there are now only 11 days left before our Super Committee must agree to cuts in spending or automatic cuts in the military will be implemented. My guess is they won't do what's necessary and the US will be downgraded again by the S&P and Moody's rating agencies.

Here are the charts promised earlier:

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