Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Congressman Curt Weldon (R-PA) and the political race of his life

Curt Weldon, Republican running for reelection after 19 years in Congress is in a tight race for the first time of all his Congressional years. You might remember, I have said that Curt Weldon deserves the Medal of Freedom for his unwavering pursuit of the truth as to what our government knew and when it knew it regarding the attacks of 9/11. He is most known for revealing the story of the special group named "Able Danger" who were mining data and looking to connect the dots prior to 9/11 and that it is claimed they had identified the terrorists well before the attack of 9/11. Curt Weldon claims the government, knowing of this in advance did nothing and tried to have Congressional hearings to get those of Able Danger to testify. The Administration forbade the officers from testifying under the threat of severe penalties and they could not testify.

Now Curt Weldon faces the daunting task of fighting for his seat in a race that pits him against Joe Sestak , Democrat, who as recently as January, retired as an Admiral from the Navy, and who was also former National Security Council senior staffer in the Clinton Administration. This Democrat has pulled no punches in his position in Iraq. He states unambiguously that we have to get out of Iraq by the end of 2007 and that if we stay there we'll be there for decades and our national security will be imperiled. These are very strong statements from someone very close to the decision making process and someone who really knows the consequences of our actions abroad and at home. Listen to Admiral Sestak's reply to President Bush's weekly address by clicking here.

I like Curt and normally would be positively disposed to hype his reelection. But I must say it is time for a Democratic Congress. It is too important for the future image of our country to allow even one good man to stand in the way of this happening. In a previous piece I have clearly stated the stakes to restore America's image is in our hands if we have the courage to go to the polls in great numbers to protect our country, its image and our freedoms. This is serious business my friends. I am sorry Rep. Weldon. I cannot endorse your candidacy this time. It is less about you and more about the stakes of this game. Good luck, Rep. Weldon, in your next job.


Anonymous joker9 said...

I nominate James Webb, Democrat from VA. He is our kind of centrist; if Geo Allen makes your list (should not), then Webb deserves moreso...JS

9:36 AM  

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