Saturday, August 26, 2006

Iran's Nuclear ambitions: What's all the fuss?

So Iran wants to have Nuclear technology, maybe even a few Nuclear bombs. What's all the fuss about? We have thousands of Nuclear bombs and stood successfully against a powerful Soviet Union in the Cold war. If you can remember back that far, it was the strategy of "Mutual Assured Destruction" that kept the weapons in check. Seems to me the same strategy would work here. So let's stop all the huffing and puffing and falling into the neocons mind trap that has been baited lately to get all of us scared and willing to consider a first strike option on their facilities. Don't be fooled by the scare tactics. It didn't work in the Cold war and it won't work here either. Preemptive strikes are now going to be a thing of the past. As Iran and others get the bomb, we are going to have to use diplomacy to work with the world and that means that Israel will have to change its approaches too. It will take a different mindset than the arrogant one we have displayed during the Bush/Cheney years, which by the way should be considered the worst Presidency in the history of our great nation. Looking back, the "Silent Majority" fell asleep during these past 6 years and are just awakening in time for the mid term November Congressional elections. Can't wait to hear their first yawn! Goodbye neocons. :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Iran has been -rather openly- supplying Hezbollah for years, and you think it's no big deal that Iran gets a few nukes?

You really think that the same kind of deterrence that worked with the Soviets will work with terrorists and their suppliers in an asymmetrical environment? If a nuke from Iran goes off in Central Park, who do we retaliate against? Tehran? Should we nuke that city and kill a million innocent people? Or burn off southern Lebanon, and kill thousands of other innocents to get the Hez we want?

8:26 PM  
Blogger Charles Amico said...

My friend, the type of Bombs Iran is pursuing would be delievered by Missile. That is why they are also developing Long Range Missiles capable of reaching the U.S. You may be confusing "suitcase bombs" with the ones Iraq is wanting to develop. And suitcase bombs can be made now with any nuclear material available in our own country, if terrorists stole the material. That is why it is so important to focus our attention on securing our own borders and all chemical, biological and nuclear materials that could be used to cause great damage within our borders.

6:56 AM  

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