Friday, August 25, 2006

Russia and France on Iran and sanctions

Russia rejected talk for now of sanctions against Iran and France warned on Friday against conflict with Tehran, raising doubts whether it will face swift penalties if nuclear work is not halted by an August 31 deadline. This was quoted from CNN.

Well, I wonder if Bush still feels he can work with Putin and still see into his soul. I can tell you I am not impressed with this President of Russia as he has at every turn voted against our position. Maybe Bush should look into the mirror first and see if he can see into his own soul.

France, belligerent and teeth less, lacks spine and backbone to be the world leader it wants to be. Can't wait for Chirac to go either. We in America use to make fun of the French’s arrogance as they now make fun of ours. But one thing is true here; we have never let down the French as they have us. We protect and shelter them so they can make us look more like fools. We make ourselves look like fools too. But someday, the French are going to look to America to help solve something for them. I just hope at that time we have someone in the White House that can truly look into leaders souls and act accordingly based upon what they see.


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