Friday, February 29, 2008

Barack answers Hillary 's fear mongering commercial

Hillary Clinton has a new ad asking who do you want answering the phone at 3:00am in the White House in a crisis, an inexperienced person like Barack or someone who is ready to lead on day one, her. What was bad about the ad was that it reminded me of the Bush/Cheney ads that tried to scare everyone into voting for them in 2004. It is the politic of the past.

But what was remarkable was that no sooner had the ad come out and was being reported on cable news channels like CNN and MSNBC, when Barack threw a counter-punch. He made the comment that it wasn't important who answered the phone but if they used good judgment when they answered it. He said Hillary answered that call and supported Bush on the Iraq war and he didn't.

Hillary is getting desperate and it is showing. But instead of embracing the the new politic she relies on the same old tactics that we are all fed up with. Had she embraced Barack's call for a new politic, she may have gotten the edge in the campaign by a few more votes and actually had a chance to win. It was relying on her fear to guide her that lost the campaign, not her policy positions. She didn't rely on her natural positive traits to guide her every choice and decision. Let this be a guide to all of us not to let our fears make our choices for us. Let us believe in what is possible and dare to go after it as a country. Barack has inspired us all to hope. Now let's not fail ourselves.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Rep. John Lewis (D) GA switches his support to Obama

John Lewis the icon of the Civil Rights movement and who has been best friends of Bill Clinton and Hillary for decades, has switched his support to Barack Obama. Also Sen. Dorgan has endorsed Barack Obama. These are not good pieces of news following the Ohio debate last night. The avalanche has begun starting with Sen. Chris Dodd's announced endorsement of Barack before the debate.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's a draw! Hillary and Obama set to see Tuesday's outcome in Texas and Ohio

It definitely was a draw. Those that wanted to see Hillary victorious saw that and those that wanted Barack to win could see that too. It might have disappointed the media but both did a good job. It was civil and some differences were explored but I didn't learn anything new by watching the debate. So the conclusiveness of this debate will be registered next Tuesday, March 4th. Whomever wins these Primaries in Texas and Ohio will be the Presidential nominee of the Democratic Party.

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Democratic debate in Ohio: Hillary's to win and Barack's to lose. Stay tuned!

Tonight is the Democratic debate from Ohio. It's Hillary's last chance before the voting in Texas and Ohio to go for a win over Barack or it is Barack's to lose. What will happen tonight is very important for both candidates.

In the past few days, Hillary has been on the attack over pamphlets Barack's campaign sent out which described Hillary's support for NAFTA, with all its problems. She and her husband pushed NAFTA and now she says she can and does plan to fix it. Barack didn't vote for the legislation so doesn't have to "fix" it. He was right on NAFTA and right on Iraq. She has been wrong on NAFTA and wrong on Iraq. Do you really think the voters need more comparisons to make their choices? I think not. And if we are so lucky to see Hillary play the politics of the past during the debate, and Barack not seizing the bait but rising above it, we will know who is better prepared to talk with world leaders we don't always agree with and also who is best prepared to talk to our enemies. It will be Barack.

Stay tuned, as it is only a mater of hours before we are treated to bear witness!

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Headline reads: Nader announces new run for President!

Here comes the spoiler to cast his permanent legacy in stone. Ralph Nader has an egomaniacal predilection with trying to be President. This modern day Don Quixote was responsible single handedly for allowing President Bush to be elected instead of Al Gore. Look what happened over the past years as a result. Nader sees the outcome of that election as Gore lost it, rather than Nader lost it for Democrats. His running in 2000 required the Supreme Court to decide the election in favor of Bush. However this time no such thing will happen.

Nader in doing this is actually not acting in his supposed long term interests for the country. In a way it's too bad he doesn't get it. If the media and the voters are smarter this time around, they will leave Nader to obscurity, as this will become his final legacy to his family and his country. Ego is a devilish thing to overcome and for Nader, who many years ago was ahead of the curve in concerns for the environment, has now put his own Ego need fulfillment over his country's needs. His lack of concern about his direct impact on the election of 2000, allowed a President Bush to start the Iraq war. If Nader really thought about this, it was the worse possible outcome for the environment. More bombs have been exploded, more poor Energy policy by the Administration cuddling up to big Oil companies, resulted in more green house gases than all the good Nader has done for the environment in his lifetime. Shame on you Mr. Nader. You have grown so much smaller in later years. You once had a good name. Today you are the beginning of its destruction for all the historians to record.

This election is Obama's to win.

For the entire Headline news article click here.

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Headline reads: Turkey launches ground operation in Iraq

"STANBUL, Turkey - Turkish troops launched a ground incursion across the border into Iraq in pursuit of separatist Kurdish rebels, the military said Friday — a move that dramatically escalates Turkey's conflict with the militants.

It is the first confirmed ground operation by the Turkish military into Iraq since the U.S.-led invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein. It also raised concerns that it could trigger a wider conflict with the U.S.-backed Iraqi Kurds, despite Turkey's assurances that its only target was the Kurdistan Workers' Party, or PKK."

This is not good news, as the potential for a wider conflict with Nato ally Turkey and with Iraq, both allies of the U.S., grows with each escalation. Turkey recently has been tilting to their Islamic groups which has troubled the secular leadership of the country. Turkey's ruling government party removed a ban for the head scarfs worn by women in Schools and Universities. The U.S. and its Allies have been looking to admit Turkey into their economic block with benefits. This incursion could harm the outlook for that to happen thus alienating Turkey against the U.S. even more than it has in recent years. Turkey has been a good Ally of the U.S. going back decades. It has been the Bush Administration that has most set back this relationship for possibly decades to come.

To read the entire article click here.

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Headline reads: Muqtada al-Sadr extends Iraqi cease-fire!

Anti-U.S. cleric Muqtada al-Sadr announced Friday that he has extended a cease-fire order to his Shiite Mahdi Army by another six months, giving Iraq a chance to continue its fragile recovery from brutal sectarian violence.

This is really great news. I can't stress this enough. You see the surge was partly responsible for a reduction in violence, but in my analysis of the timing of the first cease-fire by al-Sadr, it was his cease-fire announcement that stopped the majority of the violence 6 months ago. This gives the Iraqi government one more chance to get its act together, before we start pulling out our troops.

But this is very good news!

To read the article click here.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

NY Times article regarding John McCain and his response

I am disgusted that the NY Times would write an article about John McCain and the relationship he had with a woman lobbyist back in the year 2000, especially now at this time in the Primary process. Shame on the NY Times.! As many readers know I have supported Barack Obama in the Primary on the Democratic side. This is not news worthy of a newspaper like the NY Times. Maybe it is of interest to the Inquirer or other sensational type newspapers, but the NY Times has lowered it standards at a time when the country is trying to unite. I am absolutely positive neither Hillary nor Barack will participate in this story, as they both respect Senator John McCain. I can tell you I won't be reading the NY Times any time soon ever again.

A story worth covering is John McCain's statement, which asked President Bush to Veto any measure which prohibits water boarding use by the CIA. Here is the man who himself was a prisoner of war, and early on in the debate on water boarding, declared that water boarding was torture. This is a major flip-flop by McCain and inconsistent with his stated values and feelings on this topic, before he was a Presidential candidate.

To read the entire NY Times article click here.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Headline reads: Anti-US Cleric Muqtada al-Sadr Cease-Fire in Doubt!

That's right, Cleric Muqtada al-Sadr has said the cease-fire he put in place 6 months ago expires on Saturday. He has not said whether he will continue the cease-fire or will just let it end, which has ominous consequences for our troops and the Iraqi government.

I had done a study to see which event most closely correlated to a reduction in Iraq. I checked into the dates of the surge and when we were at full strength. I checked into political statements here at home from the Congress and I checked into the date that Cleric Muqtada al-Sadr announced the cease fire of his Mahdi Army militia and the single best correlation was with the cease-fire. Which means that if the cease-fire expires, not only will troops be frozen in place and not come home, but we will begin to see those high number of U.S. fatalities that I have reported so often.

Also, from a political perspective, John McCain's stand on the war and the surge will be shot full of holes. It will strengthen Barack Obama's position in the run up to the election. The challenge will be not to believe the B.S. that is sure to fly from the Administration when casualties rise and they press for the case to continue the fight, which is not fighting al-Qaeda but a Civil war between Shia's and Sunni's.

Let's hope, for our troops sake, that the cease-fire is continued. We will know by Saturday! Stay tuned.

To read the entire article, click here.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Obama wins Wisconsin and Hawaii by wide margins!

Yes it's true, Barack Obama has maintained his momentum and won the Primary, over Hillary. Thank you Wisconsin and Hawaii! Yes many hope Obama can help change America. We agree that much needs to be changed. Today was proof of that. Today the Supreme Court decided NOT to decide the issue as to whether the President has violated the law when he authorized a bypass of the FISA Court to listen to our phone calls. You see the next President is important to this country and we need to get behind Obama and support him to help us make the change. Will the change be what we all want? No! But it will be as our Founding Fathers wanted, a majority can make some positive change to deal with the issues of bankruptcy of our country, sacrifice by those who can afford to help the country. It is up to us to have the courage to vote our heart and our spirit. He is the one!

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The world is a little different today in a good way

With voters from Pakistan winning a resounding victory over President Musharraf's ruling party and with Kosovo gaining its Independence yesterday as well, we add one more change to the International picture, Fidel Castro resigns as President in Cuba. In less than a year, the United States will also be a part of a changing world, when we first announce a new President, hopefully Barack Obama, and then we bid farewell to the worst President in the history of this country, President Bush. There indeed are better times coming!

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Headline reads: Study: Delayed delivery of trucks led to Marine deaths

You can't blame Congress for this one. The essence of the story is this and I quote, "Hundreds of U.S. Marines have been killed or injured by roadside bombs in Iraq because Marine Corps bureaucrats refused an urgent request in 2005 from battlefield commanders for blast-resistant vehicles, an internal military study concludes."

The Democrats in Congress have been wanting the war in Iraq to end and for the troops to come home. And although they voted for these MRAPs in a difficult vote they were not ordered because they cost too much, according to the study. I remember Sen. Joe Biden making a difficult vote against some of his Democratic colleagues because he said he had to protect the troops and these vehicles would save many lives. Now we know they weren't ordered even though the funding was approved because the cost $450,000 to $1 Million a piece and Marine Corp. bureaucrats wanted the money to go for other lighter vehicles in the planning stages which weren't to be in the field for years ahead.

In May of 2007, when Sec. of Defense, Robert Gates, made them a priority, the trucks began to ship according to the article. They article went on further to say "The study's author, Franz J. Gayl, catalogs what he says were flawed decisions and missteps by midlevel managers in Marine Corps offices that occurred well before Gates replaced Donald Rumsfeld in December 2006."

We now have 3,951 soldiers dead in Iraq. We want our troops home ALIVE, not dead. Over 29,000 soldiers have been wounded since 2001, with most injuries, very seriously. There is no moral justification to continue this war. It's now the Iraqi's to get right. Bring the troops home safely before more of them are killed unnecessarily.

To read the entire story click here.

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Headline reads: Pakistan election office blast kills 37

I don't know the people of Pakistan, I don't even know if I know any Pakistani living in the U.S., but from what I am witnessing in the lead up to Pakistan's Parliamentary election, I have come to admire the courage of these people fighting to retain democracy in their country. They understand what the loss of personal freedoms costs them, as individuals and as a country, and they want to end the Military leadership that had gained power through a coup under General Musharraf's lead. The elections are important, if the people have any hopes of replacing Musharraf, as it will take a 2/3rd's majority to impeach him and restore democracy again.

It is difficult to watch all the violence and it is easy to turn away from it and get absorbed in our own elections and the day-to-day comforts we enjoy. But today's headline from Pakistan gave me an understanding of the things worth fighting for, and yes, some dying for. These brave people are willing to risk their lives to vote and do take that responsibility seriously, because they have learned what it's like without the rule of law. Maybe we will wake up as a nation and vote in numbers that will shake up the current state of apathy here in America and the process that allowed George Bush to be elected by less than half the population. The cost of that apathy has been enormous to our freedom and to our well being, since we are almost totally bankrupt now and are facing a bleak future for our children and grandchildren unless we wake up. My hat is tipped for the Pakistani people. Good luck to you in battle to restore democracy and the rule of law. And to the rest of us I say, Wake up America!

Read the Pakistan headlines article by clicking here.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Headline reads: Bush says Congress putting US in danger

The headline should read, " America says Bush puts U.S. in danger!" Here we have fear mongering by this President and his Vice President, along with the Republican Lackeys. They are worrying over the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act not being approved by Congress. It is set to expire Feb. 1st. The Bill authorizes for the spying on all foreign and domestic calls without getting approval from the FISA Court. The argument is that the "red tape" causes delays and we will be vulnerable to attacks when the law expires. What a bunch of Bull.

First, according to all intelligence accounts, Al-Qaeda takes as much as 5 years to plan an attack. We have been spying supposedly on them all this time since the law was approved back after 9-11, so the fact that Congress is going out on a 10 day recess, doesn't make us any more vulnerable than having Bush in office another 10 days. Oops, maybe I should really be concerned after all. Congress please take this Bill up when you return from recess and this time vote it down officially! The Bush Administration must get approval from the FISA Court and the Telephone companies should not be granted immunity for going along with the Bush Administration attempts to circumvent the Court.

To read the entire article click here.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Obama wins big in Potomac races.

Yes, Barack Obama wins in an impressive fashion on his message of change and hope for a better politic (photo from Kiko's House). He has been right on many issues in which I follow voting records of Senators. I think it is time in this campaign that Barack needs to put some meat on the bones of his Foreign policy, Economic policy and Energy policy in preparation of the General election. He needs to do this because he has the media attention right now and to capture more people in the General election, he needs to show some creative solutions that get Independents and some Republicans to abandon McCain.

I am interested in what happened between McCain and Barack during the 2006 Congress when Barack crossed the aisle to reach out to McCain and there was a snub. Don't know what happened but McCain had said something about Barack and vice versa. That interaction will come back in this campaign when the two candidates go mano a mano.

Nevertheless, Barack Obama has ignited this country with hope and there is no denying he is a different type of candidate from the typical we are used to, and a refreshing change at that!

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Headline reads "Senate Passes Bill to Expand U.S. Spying Powers"

This day, while people were voting in the Potomac region of the country, a vote was held and what was passed was immunity for telephone companies to face charges for their part in turning over telephone records, under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, to the government. Many tried to stop this Bill as there was a lot of fundraising from the usual suspects to help fund money to stop the Bill from passing. Well they lost. Now there is no accountability by the telephone companies for turning over records to the government on any phone calls you make. To read the entire article click here.

Again it is amazing to me how many Democrats voted for the Bill. John McCain returned to the Senate from campaigning today to vote in favor of passing the Bill. Hillary and Barack Obama did not vote. It didn't make a difference, as there were 14 Senators and Independent Joe Lieberman that voted for the Bill. Here is the list of Democratic Senators that voted in favor of the Bill:

(D) Baucus MT
(D) Carper DE
(D) Conrad ND
(D) Inouye HI
(D) Johnson SD
(D) Landrieu LA
(D) Lincoln AR
(D) McCaskill MO
(D) Mikulski MD
(D) Nelson FL
(D) Pryor AR
(D) Rockefeller WV
(D) Webb VA
(D) Whitehouse RI

I am proud of my 2 State Senators for voting against the Bill, Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, but I am so disappointed at the others who voted in favor of this Bill. Most of these Democrats should be replaced by new Democrats, that want a better America, an America, where there is accountability and not a free pass. It was easy not to object as a CEO of a major telephone company, and financial supporter of the Administration, to the intrusion by the Bush Administration into turning over phone records.

If you look at the previous post you will see some of the same names voting with the Republicans. This must change also in the upcoming election of 2008. Any of these Senators up for reelection, hopefully will be defeated by a better person who has the courage to stand up for the Constitution and our r

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Who voted for the Military Commissions Act and why should we care?

The news showed yesterday that the 9-11 suspects would be tried by the Military and not in a Civilian Court. As I stated earlier, these secret Courts use a different level of scrutiny of information allowed in the Court. Let me make one thing perfectly clear. I abhor what the terrorists did to us on 9-11 and that anyone that was part of this deserves the full force of the law so that justice can be handed out and that we can allow the families of the World Trade Towers some peace of mind finally.

However, I want this to be done in a manner that is a tribute to the rule of law here in the United States and a model for the hopes for justice in the rest of the world. It is so important that this is not perceived to be a lynching. That is why it should be in a public setting and viewed, as we did the Nuremberg trials.

This will not happen because in September 2006, prior to the Democratic victory in November of that year, the Military Commissions Act, was passed by the Republican controlled Senate. When they voted to approve this act, they said these trials of 9-11 suspects would be done by the Military, not our Judiciary system. It is important in this election year to remember who voted in favor of this Act and who voted against it.

Let's start with the Presidential candidates:

John McCain voted in favor of the Act
Hillary and Obama voted against the Act

Now you might think it's because we didn't have a majority in the Senate in Sept. of 2006 or the Democrats would have stopped the Act from becoming law and ensuring we would have these men judged out in the Civilian court by our Judiciary. Well, surprise! A number of Democrats voted in favor of the Military Commission's Act. Here is a list of Democratic Senators that voted in favor of the Act, and all are still in office today! Here they are:

(D) Mark Pryor AR
(D) Ken Salizar CO
(D) Joe Lieberman CT
(D) Tom Carper DE
(D) Bill Nelson FL
(D) Debbie Stabenow MI
(D) Ben Nelson NE
(D) Robert Menendaz NJ
(D) Frank Lautenberg NJ
(D) Tim Johnson SD
(D) John Rockefeller WV

The surprise is that if Democrats hadn't voted for it the Act would not have passed as some Republicans voted against it too.

So when the trials begin and the verdict is read at the conclusion, ask yourself are you now proud as an American of what has transpired and if the answer is no, help work for change in America. Many Americans were asleep at the switch when this was passed as many were also during the passage of the Patriot Act. We can't just continue to blame the politicians, as we have allowed their choices, by the silence of our collective voices. Wake Up America!

UPDATE: 5:30pm PST.
Headline reads: US compares 9/11 trials to Nuremberg.

The Bush administration has instructed U.S. diplomats abroad to defend its decision to seek the death penalty for six Guantanamo Bay detainees accused in the Sept. 11 terror attacks by recalling the executions of Nazi war criminals after World War II. To read the entire article click here.

This can't pass as real as the World community tried those at the Nuremberg trials and the world watched on TV. This is no comparrison nor will U.S. Diplomats be able to defend the Bush policy and bring anyone along with us. It is Bush arrogance, squared!

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Headline reads: U.S. may ask death for 9-11 suspects

According to news reports, the Pentagon is planning to charge 6 detainees at Guantanamo for the Sept. 11th terror attacks and seek the death penalty. Among those who face the death penalty is Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the suspected mastermind of the attacks. He is one of the detainees at Guantanamo who the U.S. admitted using water-boarding, which many consider torture, including the U.N. Chief of the Human Rights Commission.

The Bush Administration wants to finish what they started but many countries are going to object to giving them the death penalty, especially since they used torture (water boarding) to get the confessions. The problem is they plan to hold these trials in relative secrecy, as it will not be televised and although a few reporters will be present, as will be the lawyers, it will be a charade in my humble view. I think this is especially true given the Administration's current position on water-boarding where it claims water-boarding may be illegal now, but wasn't before. Go figure that position out. Attorney General, Mike Mukasey, has "a lot of splainin to do", as Lucy Richardo would have said.

To read the news article click here.

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Emotions on the rise as Democratic race heads towards a Train Wreck. Read why!

Over at The Moderate Voice today there is a good post on the potential Train Wreck that can happen in the Democratic race for President at the Convention, written by Robert Stein. I strongly suggest a visit there by clicking here.

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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Headline reads "Waterboarding should be prosecuted as torture: U.N."

That's right the Bush Presidency and Administration have now been put on notice by the U.N. Human Rights Chief that waterboarding qualifies as torture. The exact quote was, "I would have no problems with describing this practice as falling under the prohibition of torture," said the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, Louise Arbour, at a news conference in Mexico City yesterday.

I have been saying this for the past 2 years. I wrote on Nov. 26, 2005 the following with regards to Mccain's Bill to ban the use of torture and waterboarding:

"As I stated in an earlier posting, Cheney seems to be defying all logic with his attempt to stop the McCain Bill from becoming the law of the land. His lobbying efforts on this matter has shown his true colors. Maybe he is worried that eventually he will be brought up on War Crimes by the UN and he wants to prevent that by having a law that protects him. I doubt that he will ever leave this country again as a former VP, as he will be afraid they will arrest him, as well as Rumsfeld."

And yet today, we have a Senate and Congress that continue to give President Bush and especially VP Cheney, former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, a pass on this. But the UN now has taken a stance with one broad brush that it is torture, so setting into motion the possibility of countries arresting any of these officials should they be so unwise to travel abroad. You see by the U.N. making a pronouncement on this it raises the stakes as a violation of the Geneva Convention and in that domain the World Court has jurisdiction.

It sets up several moral questions for our country and several issues needing full discussion by the American people. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

Are we willing, as a nation, to allow our leaders to be tried in the World Court when they violate International laws and treaties? If we say no, that we can't allow a World Court to have jurisdiction over our leaders, then we face the argument that why should other countries be subject to the World Court? You see our leaders have been most active in bringing others to the World Court under Crimes against Humanity.

Do we as a country have the only moral authority in the world to decide what is right and what is wrong? I don't think so.

Should we be asking our Presidential candidates questions on where they stand on the use of torture and waterboarding?

Where do they stand on whether the World Court should be the final authority on Crimes against Hiumanity for all countries?

You see it is my opinion that when we fail as individual citizens to stand up and be counted on issues like this, we lose part of our rights and freedoms, one drip at a time. All those before us who have given their lives to protect the ideals of this country and protect our freedom are turning in their graves because we haven't had the courage to do the right thing and say STOP. The Republicans, who were in charge and gave blanket permission to President Bush and Vice President Cheney to do anything they wanted under the umbrella of protecting America against terrorists, have taken away many freedoms we once had. Then when the Democrats got elected with a majority in 2006, they also didn't have the courage to STOP the Administration. They used the argument they didn't have the votes. They did. They could have shut down the entire government by not passing the bills that provided the funds for the government to continue the war. They could have started impeachment proceedings on many issues like the authorization to use torture or trying to redefine the use of torture, which would fall under High Crimes and Misdemeanors. They refused to take the risk.

Even Presidential candidate John McCain, who was a former Prisoner of war and understands torture must never be condoned, caved in to this Administration when he, and Sen. John Lindsey, were opposed to the language of the bill on torture was before the Senate. They caved in and allowed the changes in language that Bush wanted and they opposed, to pass the Senate. And this was from "a man of principle" John McCain. This hero didn't stand up then and hasn't stood up since, except in his rhetoric on the use of water-boarding as torture.

I have been waiting for this day for over 2 years and I am so pleased that the Human Rights commission of the U.N. has put a stake in the ground on this and raised awareness around the world. President Bush doesn't have to worry about being arrested in a foreign country today and he won't after he leaves office, as he never traveled out of the country before he was president and most likely won't after as he will be relegated to obscurity after he leaves office. I have never been so ashamed of a president in my life. But Vice president Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Alberto Gonzales should be worried, for they will not have peace of mind if they travel abroad again. And you know what, I'm thrilled!

About 6 months ago Rumsfeld had traveled quietly to France and when it was discovered he was in the country, some rushed to bringing papers to the Magistrate, to have him arrested while on France's soil on War Crimes? The papers were not issued and served in time and so he did not get arrested, but France's laws are quite clear and it was certainly possible he could have been arrested there.

I would be more proud if my own government had the courage to do the right thing here but they don't and won't, no matter who becomes President, and that is where we have decayed to in the past 8 years. This President and Vice President act as thjough they are above ALL laws. Sorry folks, these self proclaimed Emperors have no clothes!

To read the entire news story about the U.N. click here.

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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Super Tuesday Delegate Count

Here we are on Thursday morning and there is no agreement on the actual delegate count from any of the major TV and cable stations from Super Tuesday. This is very worry some in this age of technology. One thing for sure, Barack Obama is gaining over Hillary.

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Super Tuesday results: What do they mean?

There are several conclusions we can make about the results of Super Tuesday. First, the dream is alive and well. Sen. Barack Obama, with a lead in the delegate count before the election, had a very good Super Tuesday. While Hillary Clinton won more delegates on Super Tuesday, Barack's momentum continues. It was a disappointing result for me here in California where Barack did not beat Hillary. There is a reasonable explanation for this, as many of us voted at least one or two weeks ago with absentee ballots. If you were for Hillary then or unsure, you would not have gotten the surge of popularity in Barack's message and would have voted before the last debate. I am waiting for the media to see this obvious influence in the outcome. Barack still may have enough momentum to capture more delegates and pull ahead of Hillary in a more substantive way over the next 30 days. Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Texas are among the States yet to have their primaries.

Another conclusion is that the media has been quite rightfully talking about the excitement of the elections. That is true, but it is true mostly because of Barack Obama. He has given hope to a country needing hope so desperately in the wake of 7 plus terrible years of the Bush Administration's arrogance, incompetence and malfeasance. America is so ready for change.

On the Republican side, one conclusion that may not be so clear is that Republicans do not have a candidate they can truly rally behind. McCain did win many States but most were in the Northeast and the West, including his home State of Arizona and California. It is a battle within the Republican Party for the very soul of the Party. It is a battle between the Christian Religious Right versus Social Conservatives who want to break from Bush and the neocons. McCain is a Social Conservative and Huckabee is from the Christian Religious Right being a Baptist Minister but Huckabee also is using his preacher status to be a 'Compassionate Conservative, which President Bush had claimed he was but never showed that side of himself in office as President. Romney is a Social Conservative but is playing to his religious core in an appeal to the "Christian" Religious Right. They don’t see Mormons as true Christians. Does this sound confusing? That's why the Republicans are so split in this election cycle.

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Monday, February 04, 2008

Voters, on Super Tuesday, do you have the courage to vote the Country's interests?

Will you hear and give voice to the call for change and once again restore America's once noble image by daring to vote for Sen. Barack Obama to heal the divide between us as a people, or will your vanity prevent you from following Iowan's lead, South Carolina's resounding voice and voting overwhelmingly for Sen. Barack Obama. With over 45% of the voters in California voting absentee and many choosing to be Independents, rather than Republicans or Democrats, we hope you are wise enough to know this is the moment in time where you must put your pride in your pocket and vote courageously for Sen. Barack Obama.

Tomorrow evening we have a chance to feel very proud of our choice. You have a chance to save our country or crown "the pretender Queen." It's up to you! Barack Obama has a chance to do what no President has been able to do before him, he has a chance to help heal the country's divide, WITH NO MORE RED STATES OR BLUE STATES, where Hillary as the nominee brings up all the things of the past with the Clinton's we would all prefer to forget. Yes she is a woman, but when we pick a woman for President, let's pick one we are just as proud of, as we are with Barack with him being the first being black man with a real chance to be President. Don't just vote for Hillary because she is a woman. Vote for Barack because he is our real hope to change the politic of the past. The contrasts with the Republican candidate whether McCain or Romney in the general election, will be stark. Barack would not have voted for this war in Iraq and unlike Hillary, he doesn't have to try to make excuses as to why he did vote for the war. Vote your spirit this election. Vote Barack Obama!

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Saturday, February 02, 2008

U.S. Fatalities for January 2008

The good news is that U.S. Casualties are down again for the 4th consecutive month. The bad news is that our brave soldiers are still getting killed each month. Any deaths are unacceptable in my view. I think if I had a son, daughter, wife or loved one there I would be on pins and needles every day they were away.

This latest month had 40 deaths as compared to the following numbers for January in previous years:
2007 83
2006 62
2005 107
2004 47

We need a President who will bring the troops home starting when they are elected. Remember, the cleric Sadr promised a cease fire until the end of March and that time will soon be here. The war will become front and center again I am afraid to say. It will not be Al-Qaeda, it will be a continuation of the Civil war, which was never civil. It will be Sunni against Shia, Shia against Sunni, and we will be in the middle.

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Friday, February 01, 2008

Who won the final Democratic debate before Super Tuesday? We did!

This was by far the best debate of any Democratic or Republican debates. The American people were treated, FINALLY, to a conversational debate on the issues. It was educational, to say the least, regarding topics of Healthcare, Iraq and Immigration. The differences between the candidates were explored in the kind of detail, where we all could learn which one seemed to address any concerns we had, or help each of us formulate a position for ourselves on the topics. I think any Democrats should feel proud of both candidates in this debate. It showed the kind of politic we are all craving for as Americans.

After the debate was over, I realized that it was Barrack who really helped create this tone. He did it by choosing not to find holes in Hillary's explanations but instead to allow her own words to stand for us to examine. One exchange where this was particularly evident, was around the Iraq war position that both candidates took. Obama went first and said he is the best-positioned candidate for the general Election because he did not support the war from the outset. Wolf Blitzer then asked Hillary, why she can't just admit her vote then was a mistake. She didn't take Wolfe's invitation, but instead rambled on as to why she made the vote she did and how she had entrusted Bush not to go to war, but to just allow the inspectors to get back in. It rambled on and on and proved Barack's point, that it is a difficult position to articulate and to defend. He could have taken a shot at Hillary, by saying in rebuttal. "You heard her response and I ask you to judge whether the response will work in the General Election against the Republicans or will they say she flip flopped on the issue. I don't think that will work but you judge for yourselves. That is the point of these debates"

Well Barack didn't have to comment, as it was obvious, he was right and wise for not rubbing her nose in it. He truly is here to change the politics of the past. We are lucky as a country to witness this bright and wise young man help us become more conscious in our voting deliberations. Thank you Senator Obama. We are indebted to you for this rare experience. God watch over you and keep you safe and healthy.

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