Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Senator Specter (R-PA) asks Justice Dept who's in charge? Give me a break!

What's wrong with this picture. Senator Arlen Specter today asked the Justice Dept. to basically propose where it sees the President's authority as it comes to his discretion as Commander in Chief related to matters of war. Sir, have you no shame!? The intention of your communication was to serve notice on the President that he is only one of the "Deciders" Constitutionally mandated to decide such matters. However, your approach sir, leaves me flat and raises serious questions for you and the Senate and Congress to deal with. That being, sir, this President and Vice President will take whatever power they deem fit. The real question to you and the rest of your colleagues is this, Are you going to allow them to dictate terms or are you going to tell them you, the Senate and Congress, are also in charge. They way you did this showed weakness in my view, as it will give them a heads up to where you're thinking on this matter is with no consequences to them. Instead, vote to cut the funding, which is your right and let the President & Vice President fight you on that issue, as it is clear Constitutionally, only Congress controls the purse strings.

I know you mean well Senator, but the lack of oversight these past 6 years has you thinking from a weak position. It is neither fitting of you or any Senator for that matter, but sir, you have already won a brave fight over cancer and deserve to be more assertive, to the point of aggression, to curb and heal these two arrogant leaders.

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Monday, January 29, 2007

U. S. Fatalities- What does the data imply?

How do we know how things are really going on in Iraq? We are fed many lies by those having a strong position on either side. But we have little data except the death toll for U.S. Servicemen and Servicewomen. The data drips out daily. A few deaths daily and sometimes weekly deaths are summarized on programs like ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulos. But it doesn't show trends. It does remind us all of the sacrifice made and the families living with grief as their lives will never be the same.

So here is some data to ponder:
  • Month/Yr, # Fatalities, Month/Yr, # Fatalities, 2 Month totals

  • Dec. 03, 40, Jan. 04, 47, 87
  • Dec. 04, 72, Jan. 05, 107, 179
  • Dec. 05, 68, Jan. 06, 62, 130
  • Dec. 06, 112, Jan. 07, 84, 196

    If you look down the 2 month totals these past 2 months, which are not quite over, represent the largest death totals since the beginning of the war. The single largest month where Iraqi's died was Feb. 2006, which was when the Shiite Golden Dome Mosque was blown up. This began the Civil War in Iraq and sectarian violence.

    In a few days we enter that religious month again with its respective holy days. Will the surge help in the next 30-60 days? Probably not because we won't have the troops in place in time to stop this expected violence. Why don't we have them there now? The facts are that the Iraq Study Groups report was actually done before the Nov. elections and much leaked to the press in advance. Both the President and VP knew what the report contained. Did they act quickly in response to the recommendations when they knew of their recommendations? No! Did they wait and "think about the findings for a while? Yes, about 3-5 weeks. Did they change their strategy in light of their recommendations? No again. So that's where we are. Much time has been lost. Even if President Bush and VP Cheney had decided to stay the course and increase troops, they could have issued the orders after the Nov. 7th election and the troops would be in place by now.

    Sad days ahead indeed, compliments of the Bush/Cheney Administration.
  • Israel's historic moment of its 58 year history

    This story by Matti Friedman, AP writer, "Israel was on the verge of installing the first Muslim Cabinet minister in its 58-year history Monday after the government overwhelmingly approved the appointment. Parliament was scheduled to convene to give final approval to Raleb Majadele's appointment, which the government billed as a step toward equality for Muslim Arabs, Israel's largest minority." To read the entire article click here.

    This is indeed good news and an historic moment for the country of Israel. It shows us all what is possible. Now if we can get the Iraqi's to work together instead of blowing themselves up, it would indeed be worth every effort made on our part and the international community.

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    Sunday, January 28, 2007

    Is Senator Biden making a difference on the debate over Iraq?

    Senator Joe Biden's actions, as Chairman of the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee, is having an effect in the public arena, as claimed by the Senator himself, this morning on ABC's "This Week" The dialogue is now front and center and would not have taken place had not the Senator introduced the non-binding Resolution which passed 12 to 9 earlier this week. The discussions are healthy, and making Senators be on record on this so important a matter, is helping the debate on the war itself. This never happened when the Republican's held the majority as they controlled much of the dialogue. Now they are being forced to tell all where they stand.

    It is a public service to have this debate in the light of day for several reasons. First it allows frustrations to be expressed by all having them. Secondly, it helps put some pressure on an Administration not use to having any and not accustomed to accountability. And thirdly, it helps the American public differentiate politicians running for office or the Presidency and serves notice that we are all listening carefully to what they say and what they believe. These next 2 years will be the most important for this country. We need to have this dialogue and with nearly 100,000 descending on the nation's capitol yesterday in protest of the Iraq war, we need to be listening to all voices in the debate and weigh them with the seriousness they deserve. Lives hang in the balance. Our Democracy can handle this dialogue and those that infer it can't, are fear mongers. We have had enough fear mongering from this Administration to last several lifetimes. Someone please turn off the microphone on Cheney, as he serves no good, but to cheapen the debate. His comments are demeaning for any intelligent human being. If he were just another citizen, we could realize his reasoning is flawed and egregious and ignore him, but since they come from the man who is Vice President, they are an offense to our country and the world.

    Saturday, January 27, 2007

    McCain's losing strategy will cost him the Presidency

    Senator John McCain is gambling in his Presidential bid. He is gambling that the voting public will see his "independent" streak, as both a warrior, supporting President Bush's surge in Iraq, and his push for getting the money out of politics with the McCain/Feingold Bill limiting campaign contributions. Add to this his desire for Immigration reform, and on the surface, it looks like he has a great chance over someone like Hillary Clinton, who raises her ever cautious finger to the wind to see what way the polls are blowing and when things look evident, she takes her tempered stand. But Hillary is going to have great difficulty too, with the Democratic Party .

    But they both are missing the boat and behind where the vast majority of Americans are right now, including many Republicans and most Independent voters. Iraq is the central issue dominating evening conversations all across the country at the dinner table and questioning why the President is not listening to the people, the Iraq Study Group, his Generals and even the Iraqi people. McCain is going to lose his bid because of the stand he is currently taking as all politicians are behind where the general public is on Iraq. The sooner they catch up, the more forgiving they will become. The brave Republican Senator John Warner of VA, who has decided not to seek reelection, has finally come around and challenged this President and VP on their policy in Iraq and is sponsoring a non-binding resolution that will garner much support. It is Warner's way to say to his constituents, I have wanted to do something like this for a long time to sh ow you all where I really stand with the Administration. He has been a solid supporter of the Military for his entire career and to break from the Administration now speaks volumes.

    McCain should look over his shoulder and watch fellow Republicans of equal stature, give him a run for his money, including the likes of Senator Chuck Hagel. I wouldn't rule out Rudy G. also changing position on Iraq before McCain does capturing more of McCain's supporters. It is going to become obvious in just 4-5 months that this strategy of adding more troops isn't going to work. McCain may try the shuffle step to say that we should have added a larger contingency of troops, when this fails. But his calls then will fall on deaf ears.

    Friday, January 26, 2007

    What is VP Cheney's game plan in the Scooter Libby trial? My predictions..

    That is the question of the day. I have written extensively on Cheney's arrogance and chutzpah. How does he plan to deal with Prosecutors in this trial? My belief is that his strategy is not to have Scooter Libby be the fall guy, as has been mentioned already in the press. However, what has not been written is how does he plan to do this given he is going to testify on Libby's behalf. I believe that Cheney himself, will take the hit for Libby including admitting to any possible violations of the law regarding disclosing Classified information, as he plans to get a pardon from President Bush, for all possible crimes he may be charged with, before he leaves office. Watch this unfold and remember you read it first here. Only a person of this level of arrogance would be this way without first securing a promised pardon from the President.

    I think we owe Chris Mathews of MSNBC's Hardball, a debt of gratitude, for initiating the questions about the State of the Union claims by the President that Iraq was pursuing yellow cake uranium from Niger. Cheney knew it was a bogus claim but wanted it that way. Those unanswered questions , instigated by Chris, occupied the attention of Cheney to the point where he personally managed the project to discredit Wilson and tried to manage the media through his chief of staff Scooter Libby and others. Cheney wanted to see the transcripts of Chris's show each day on this topic as he was obsessed according to yesterday's court proceedings.

    Thanks so much Chris. Keep up the pressure. We need answers and accountability!

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    Thursday, January 25, 2007

    VP Cheney- Chutzpuh or disdain?

    VP Cheney was interviewed by Wolf Blitzer yesterday, and excerpts of the interview replayed on Anderson Cooper as well last night. Cheney, in his usual arrogant, hostile and “above it all” attitude, came across as an individual with no respect for the office he holds, nor for the people that elected him to be there. He shows more than chutzpah, he acts that We The People are an annoyance to him, that he always is right on matters of National and International importance, and we had all just better listen to him, trust him, and let him do whatever he wants to, including things that break our laws, as what he is either advocating or defending is more important than anything else.

    God, I can't wait for this man to face the music, whether in Court, when he is cross-examined in the Scooter Libby trial, or by the Congress and Senate, when someone has the courage to impeach both the President and VP. Hey, but don't blame them, blame those that voted for them with their infinite neo-con wisdom and misguided religious zeal. Next time folks, check them out before you vote. Don't elect a President who bankrupted his own company and a VP who, as a lawmaker and the person who headed up the search for Presidents running mate, and had an attitude problem needing adjustment in the first place and selected himself to be VP! Don't you think that was a bit strange and a clue we should stay away from the two of them?

    Wednesday, January 24, 2007

    Senator Kerry chooses his country over his own ambitions.

    Senator John Kerry made another wise decision today by announcing he is not running for President in 2008 and will focus his energy on the war in Iraq and how to end it. This is the second wise decision of Kerry's career. The first was when he spoke those now famous words about how we can ask someone to be the last one to die in Vietnam. The same is true today and I applaud Senator Kerry's decision. It appears as it was emotionally difficult decision and so I commend Senator Kerry for facing it square on.

    He has much to contribute to this country and he can do it best now in the Senate without political attributions being made and inferring less than passionate discourse. The Senator believes as I do that this is a huge mistake in Iraq and the consequences will be felt for decades to come.

    Friday, January 19, 2007

    Potential charges against U.S. for violations of the Geneva Convention

    I begin this post with the words of Colin Powell given to President Bush when Powell was Secretary of State in the Bush Administration, "If you break it, you own it!" Indeed we have broken the State of Iraq. And in doing so, the Bush Administration, as well as our allies, did not give adequate consideration to Powell's much quoted words. Now this President and Vice President, representing our country in all our names, may not have paid sufficient attention to the Geneva Convention, as it pertains to the civilian population of Iraq during a conflict or war.

    In the 1949 Geneva Convention, Part 2 titled, "GENERAL PROTECTION OF POPULATIONS AGAINST CERTAIN CONSEQUENCES OF WAR" Article 16 through Article 18 states the following:

  • "Article 16 The wounded and sick, as well as the infirm, and expectant mothers, shall be the object of particular protection and respect. As far as military considerations allow, each Party to the conflict shall facilitate the steps taken to search for the killed and wounded, to assist the shipwrecked and other persons exposed to grave danger, and to protect them against pillage and ill-treatment."

  • "Article 17 The Parties to the conflict shall endeavor to conclude local agreements for the removal from besieged or encircled areas, of wounded, sick, infirm, and aged persons, children and maternity cases, and for the passage of ministers of all religions, medical personnel and medical equipment on their way to such areas."

  • "Article 18 Civilian hospitals organized to give care to the wounded and sick, the infirm and maternity cases, may in no circumstances be the object of attack but shall at all times be respected and protected by the Parties to the conflict."

    It is apparent now that the civilians are on their own and we have not actively engaged in their protection as required by the Geneva Convention. Yes, this is a different war with different rules. We have not been able to protect the Civilian population to this point. I don't know if there ultimately will be charges brought against President Bush or VP Cheney by Iraqi's or other people. But the cost of war keeps going up and the stakes have become even higher and our President has decided to increase the bet. Time will tell, as it usually does, but so far Bush has lost on every point of reason.

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  • Thursday, January 18, 2007

    The narrow Democratic majority in the Senate and what it means

    The first test of the slim margin the Democrats have in the Senate is being conducted as I write this today. The tug of war on the Ethics Reform Bill passed by the House is being held hostage by the Republicans as the Bill, a Rule change, would require a 2/3's approval by the Senate and the Democrats just can't get there. Looking down the road at other issues coming to the body will be issues around how to stop this President from starting a new war with Iran, increase of troop levels and an escalation to the war, and other matters of very serious substance for our country to deal with. It now appears certain that the Democrats will not be able to stop this President, that we will all become more frustrated as a divided nation and that there will be nothing we can do about it until we elect a different President in 2008 who won't take office until January of 2009. My friends this is very depressing indeed.

    I now believe we do not have the votes to impeach this President and therefore starting the process may be futile at best. So what can we do? The only way this course of action by our President will change will be when the Republicans decide to join Democrats and do something drastic to stop the powers assumed by this President. And how do we get the Republicans to do that? We give President Bush and VP Cheney more rope and hope they do what they have done all along, ignore the will of the people. It is only when Republicans fear an avalanche against them in 2008 will many jump ship. We need 16 Republican Senators with enough courage like Senator Chuck Hagel, to abandon this President. It won't be the likes of Mitch McConnell, Jeff Sessions of the Senate or the leading Presidential candidates for the Republicans, i.e. John McCain, but it could be people like Olympia Snow, Sam Brownback, Susan Collins, Elizabeth Dole, George Vionivich, Pete Dominici, John Ensign, Richard Lugar, and yes, Trent Lott, Pat Roberts, John Thune and John Warner. This would get us within striking distance for real change. This could preserve the Republican Party. If we fail to get Republicans to abandon this President this would result in a landslide in 2008 for Democrats in both houses of Congress, a Democratic President and absolute Democratic power (Absolute power corrupts absolutely!), which would result in a never ending cycle of corruption and an apathetic populace. So much hangs in the balance here. Wake up America!

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    Sunday, January 14, 2007

    Iraq- On the brink of disintegration?

    We all want stability and success in Iraq. There is no easy answer or it would have been taken. Yes, Iraq is broken and just when we hear the President's message of a 20,000 troop surge, Iranian and Syrian meddling in Iraq and threats to intervene with our forces to stop Iran, we see emerging Turkish concerns and threats to invade Northern Iraq's Kurds. Reuters news item is worth reading here. If this happens, there will be no containing the conflict within Iraq's borders and other countries in the region will feel the need to get involved in the conflict to support their own self interests. With Iraq having the second largest Oil reserves in the Middle East, you can see where this is heading.

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    Saturday, January 13, 2007

    Bush's experience taught him only one thing- How to be a failure and disappointment!

    The only thing this President seems to have learned from his past is how to create bankruptcy conditions.

    1) He bankrupt his Oil company. From the lessons learned he started in his Presidency to create the same for the Nation by the following:

    2) His is bankrupting our Country with debt
    3) He has bankrupt our Military - both equipment wise and manpower strength
    4) He has bankrupt our Freedoms with such actions as eavesdropping on phone conversations of any American without FISA Court approval, signing statements which defy laws he has signed into law and other Unconstitutional acts.
    5) He has bankrupt our Trust in oversight with a Republican led Congress that turned their head away at his choices, while they held their noses from the stench.
    6) He has bankrupt our Trust in a fair Judicial system, by appointing Justices that will approve of his antics and rewrite history as far as settled law.
    7) He has bankrupt the Vision for millions of people around the world who thought of the USA as a place of Hope and replaced that Vision as a country of arrogance and spite for our friends as well as our enemies.
    8) He has bankrupt the use of Diplomacy, as no country believes him nor trusts him anymore. We are mostly alone in the world now. Colin Powell's speech will go down in history as how the US distorted truth for the self interest of a few of its leaders; the President and the Vice President.
    9) He has bankrupt our willingness to be eager for the words of our President, when he gives a speech or an address, to the Nation. We are weary of his lies and twisted truth to us.
    10) He has bankrupt and shattered the idea of our President being a Statesman because of his intellect and pursuit of noble causes to help the poor of the world and in stopping wars and promoting peace in the world.

    Need I go on! Shame, shame, shame Mr. President. We need a “Tough Love” intervention called IMPEACHMENT.

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    Friday, January 12, 2007

    President Bush repeats his own history, this time, in Iraq

    I have been searching for an analogy for this President's decision-making prowess from a historical perspective. I have looked at other Presidents and their folly. But it was only when I examined this President's historical background did I find a reason for his current thinking and repeated mistaken actions with respect to Iraq. It happens he used the same thinking process when he was in the Oil business when he continually poured good money after bad until his company went bankrupt. Does this sound familiar? It should because his strategy for Iraq is throwing away more human lives after others until he has bankrupt our Human Treasure, our young men and women serving our country in the Military. We have all heard from the military experts themselves that the Military is almost broken. This President wants to ensure this job is the one successful one he can do before leaving office.

    We have little to do but what is called for in this situation: initiating proceedings to impeach both the President and the Vice President. You can read previous postings such as
    HIGH CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS to get a list of reasons why we should. But this latest decision should seal their fate alone.

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    Wednesday, January 10, 2007

    Iraq and this President

    I think it worthwhile to list all of my recent Blog postings on Iraq. I have many times discussed how we lost the Iraq war, how Iraqi's can stand up quicker. Select one and click it:

    Iraq: Definition of a real mess (November 14, 2006)

    Iraq: The only real Option (Nov. 16, 2006)

    Blame the Generals too! (November 23, 2006)

    Who lost the Iraq war? Finally some Backbone! (November 6, 2006)

    Who lost the Iraq war? U.S. Generals! (October 20, 2006)

    Now let's hear the President and listen to what new mistakes we are going to make.

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    Bush's address to the Nation will leave us feeling empty and frustrated, so be prepared for disappointment

    The Baker/Hamilton Iraq Study Group set of recommendations was made on Dec. 6th, well over a month ago and much of it leaked to the media about a month before that. Their first (and usually most important, since it is their first recommendation) recommendation out of 72 made was the following:

    "Recommendation 1: The United States, working with the Iraqi government, should launch the comprehensive New Diplomatic Offensive to deal with the problems of Iraq and of the region. This new diplomatic offensive should be launched before December 31, 2006."

    Now the President is finally going to respond to all the input tonight from the Iraq Study Group and other voices, including the voice of the November election, all clamoring for a new direction. His expected announcement and prime "new strategy" will be focused on adding 20,000 more U.S. Troops to Iraq for an indefinite period.

    Does anyone else besides me see Bush thumbing his nose at everyone? Does the word impeachment resonate with you? To me it is going to be the only thing left to reign in this arrogant demagogue and his slick partner in high crimes and misdemeanors, VP Cheney. See if you are not frustrated at the lack of bipartisan engagement of this President on such a serious matter. He thinks if he gives you quiet time to say anything you like he is listening. He just doesn't agree with anyone beside himself. These 2 guys while often seem comedic, if it weren’t so sad, are not funny at all, as America's treasured lives hang in the balance of their incompetence. If you doubt my words, ask the people of New Orleans who still suffer from their incompetence as leaders. At least the 3 Stooges were funny in their incompetent antics, and no one suffered when they acted as fools.

    God help us all and the families of those serving in Iraq.

    Monday, January 08, 2007

    Priorities for this President and the new Congress

    Since the Baker/Hamilton Iraq Study Group official presentation to the President on December 6th, there have been 84 more Americans killed in Iraq. That's over a month in delayed response from the President. There were 76 in December and, so far, 8 this month. Wednesday the President is to announce his new strategy. The House of Representatives, on a request from Minority Leader, John Boehner (R) of Ohio, is not holding session today, as the Democrats had promised would be their first 100 hours of actions, as it seems a College Footbal game takes precedent. Do these 2 bits of information have any relationship to each other? Yes they do. They raise the question as to whether we have got our priorities set correctly?

    Sunday, January 07, 2007

    Senator Joe Biden (D) and the upcoming Senate hearings on Iraq

    It is not a secret that I have been positive on Senator Joe Biden for several years now. He did not let me down in his morning appearance on Meet the Press today. The Senator has repeatedly given this President sound advice over the past 3 years about the war in Iraq. The President has ignored his advice and the advice of many others more partisan than this Senator. But in the coming weeks, Senator Biden will be front and center in the news as he holds hearings on Iraq as the ranking member of the Foreign Relations Committee. Senator Biden also has his eye on the Presidency and is forming the necessary committees to allow for contributions and other fund raising activities. But these hearings will determine what the Senator is made of. Will he allow his Ego and arrogance at times to surface, as he has in the past, or will he be statelier and speak common sense to the American people and begin the rallying process around him. I for one really hope he makes good sense and begins to rally people around to his ideas for Iraq. The Senator is a brilliant Constitutional Lawyer, has a firm grasp on the realities in Iraq, has proposed several strategies for defusing the problems in Iraq and keep the country together in a loose Federal republic. He sees each area, Sunnis, Shiites and Turks, all managing their own local governments and sharing in Oil Revenue with a weak central government. This could work if we engaged the other neighbors in the area, such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan, Iran and Syria. It could work if we also, as Brent Scowcroft said today on ABC's This Week, put a full course press in the diplomatic arena to help Israel and the Palestinians with a lasting peace, a two State solution.

    The President steps up to the microphones and declares his strategy on Wednesday. Most believe he will ask for a surge of troops to secure Baghdad. Senator Biden starts his hearings on Thursday with his first Administration office holder, Condi Rice, being questioned about the Presidents strategy. It should make at least good TV, as the previous Republican controlled Senate did no oversight. Senator Biden hopefully will educate us all on what form oversight should take in a true democracy. He will probe the Secretary of State on what she is or isn't doing to step up peace efforts for the Palestinian & Israeli people. We will see what has not been so obvious, that this President is not a parallel thinker or great strategist, nor is his Cabinet, and that is what we need right now. We need leaders who can chew gum, talk and work at the same time on multiple issues that, at their very core, are interrelated! Condi Rice is smart enough to do this but she needs her leash to be un-tethered by this President and Vice President. She too could add significant thought to this debate if she were free to do so. But I doubt she will be allowed as her predecessor, Colin Powell, had his wings clipped too.

    The whole world will be watching and Senator Biden's career, as a serious Presidential contender, holds in the balance. Good luck Senator. The country needs you to be successful in the outcome of these hearings.

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    Friday, January 05, 2007

    Nancy Pelosi passes the first Ethics reform.

    Nancy Pelosi, new House Speaker, showed us her first efforts to improve the Congress with ethics reform passing 431-0 and another bill to make lawmakers publicly disclose earmarks, which passed 430-1. It is a good beginning and I wish my Congresswoman the best in her efforts.

    Tuesday, January 02, 2007

    The results of "Staying the Course" in Iraq

    As you can see by the chart, there has been an average of about 80 service member deaths PER MONTH since the March 2003 invasion of Iraq. This infers that for every month we "Stay the Course" in Iraq, we will add another 80 names to the list.

    The President has seen fit to continue to "ponder" his choices even after receiving the Baker/Hamilton Iraq Study Group report on December 6th. He has spent more time thinking about this than he did for their initial planning of the war and the invasion itself. Mr. President, you saw fit to take a "working" vacation in Crawford, TX. I know you listen to God more than anyone else but God sent you a message to leave Crawford when he sent a Tornado your way, Mr. President, but you didn't get moving on this problem then and returned back to Crawford. Mr. President, the troops deserve better from you, their families deserve better from you and the country deserves better from you. Get moving fast and change the course in Iraq by announcing our withdrawal!

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    Monday, January 01, 2007

    Fallen heroes for December

    The Iraq Study Group issued their report to the President on Dec. 6th, 2006 but much of the report was leaked at the end of November, and reported in Newsweek. Since then, the number of US deaths in Iraq for December total 111. Of those 111 only 9 individuals have not yet been identified. In honor of those fallen, I respectfully list their names here in alphabetical order:

    Algrim, Wilson A., Anderson, Christopher A., Adkins, Dustin M., Bubeck, John T., Bixler, Evan A., Barta, John, Burgess, Ryan J., Baines, Joe L., Balint Jr., Paul, Beeler, Brent E., Clayton, Hayes,
    Crutchfield, Michael J., Clark, Matthew W., Cote, Budd M., Clemons, Thomas W., Ciraso, Kristofer R., Castro, Jesse J.J., Cooper, Troy D., Donica, Dustin R., Denfrund, Jason C., Dykman, Scott D., Daul, Andrew P., Davis, Gloria D., Dunkleberger, Brent W., Dillon, Matthew V., Esckelson, Christopher E., Elias, Elias, Echols, Thomas P., English, Shawn L., Evans, Kermit O., Ford, Philip C., Farris, Billy B., Fiscus, Keith E., Given, Nathaniel A., Gibson, Brennan C., Gifford, Micah S., Gibbs, Nicholas R., Gauthreaux, Jay R., Huffman, Jason, Hess, Jordan W., Haines, Kenneth W., Koprince Jr., William C., Kryst, Kevin M., Kahalewai, Henry K., Krissoff, Nathan M., Krege, Travis C., Linck, Henry W., Libby, Dustin J., Love Jr., Robert L., Miller, Nicholas A.
    McCormick, Clinton T., Messer, Christopher P., Moon, Jae S., Morris, Stephen L., Mejia II, Bobby,
    Mayhan, Ryan L., McMillan, Jacob G., Mintzlaff, Brian L., Miller, Clinton J., McAnulty, Brian P.,
    Murphy, Shawn M., Mokri, Yari, Madden, Joshua B., McClung, Megan M., Miller, Marco L., McGinnis, Ross A., McCloud, Joseph Trane, McDonough, Bryan T., Nelson, Andrew H., Norris, Curtis L., Nolen, Kyle A., Nelson, Albert M., Preston, Aaron L., Pickard, Joshua D., Palmer, Nick J., Patriquin, Travis L., Pomante III, Vincent J., Ryndych, Yevgeniy, Rystad, Corey J., Spencer, William D., Shaffer, Edward W., Strong, Joseph A., Schmitz, Joshua M., Sheppard, Joshua D.,
    Sebastien, Myles Cody, Stanton, Seth M., Staats, David R, Stanley, Matthew J., Spatol, Theodore A., Steinbacher, Nicholas P., Suarez-Gonzalez, Roger A., Sticklen, Joshua C., Tinsley, Douglas L.
    Tamayo, Fernando S., Turcotte, Nicholas D., Tillery, Jesse D., Vollmer, Chad J., Volker, Robert J., Yepsen, Luke C.

    There are a lot of families affected by these losses, and our country has lost some of its best. Try multiplying the number lost this month by 27 to get a sense how many soldiers we have lost in this war and multiply it by 225 to get an idea of how many have also been wounded.

    Please say a prayer for those families today to be strong and carry on their lives, as those who gave their lives would want. May they rest in peace.
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